Five Seahawks who will take your head off in 2012-13

These Hawks will be flying right at you!

Nothing gets a Seattle Seahawks crowd going like a big time NFL collision.

The kind that knocks a player off their feet, often leaving them dazed.

I know, I know, the NFL has been cracking down on helmet-to-helmet hits, and trying to reduce concussions, and I am totally on board with that, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. 

I’m talking about a legal, bone-jarring, sometimes game changing meeting of two large, incredibly fast NFL bodies.

Earl Thomas

Earl Thomas had 98 tackles last year.

I’ll be honest, it gets me on my feet and yelling in tongues, and there are 5 Seattle Seahawks players next year who I expect to be laying the proverbial wood, week in and week out.

FS – Earl Thomas

This guy is a complete freak of nature.  Its rare to see speed and skill like his, and when he gets to the ball, expect to hear a loud smack.  Earl Thomas had 98 tackles last year, and broke up many a pass play.

He likes to hit, and when a 202lb body flies around with a 4.37 second 40 time, you can expect those hits to hurt.

Thomas is expected by many to be the next great safety in the mold of Ronnie Lott, Troy Polamalu, and Ed Reed, so receivers going over the middle or deep this season better beware.

SS – Kam Chancellor

If the opposition isn’t already fearing going into the deep secondary, they will when they see big Kam Chancellor looming in the back-end.  While not as fast as Thomas, at 6’3” 232lbs, this big fella seems like he enjoys knocking people around more than his partner.

There was a hit last year against the Arizona Cardinals where Earl Thomas intercepted the ball, and Chancellor came flying in and absolutely levelled Cardinals Tight End Todd Heap.

He just eradicated him from the play (he was fined for the hit, trust me, it was 100% clean).

We dug a little deaper on this hit. Per ESPN.

“There was no fine on the play. Nice adjustment made here to play within the rules and avoid blowing an opponent up,” NFL executive vice president Ray Anderson says while narrating the video. 

Those types of hits get people talking, and I’m sure Chancellor will keep them talking next year.

 DL – Red Bryant

If anyone on the Seahawks will have the market cornered on taking opposing Running Backs heads off, its Red Bryant, he is a run stuffer at the top of his game.

When he’s not hitting the running back, he’s usually knocking the block off of a Tight End or Offensive Lineman that’s he’s lined up against.

I’ve said it before, I believe his sack totals will rise this year, and then you can add Quarterback to the many targets on this giant’s list.

Oh yeah, he’s 6’4” and 333 lbs., have fun trying to stop him.

Marshawn Lynch

I couldn’t give all the love to the defense, could I?

 RB – Marshawn Lynch

I couldn’t give all the love to the defense, could I?

Marshawn Lynch is one of those fun backs to watch who likes to dish out the lumber as much as he takes a hit.  He runs hard, never seems to go down on first contact, and plows through defenders laying the hurt as if he  was playing defense.

He seems to like contact, and thrive on it.  The running game really got going last year with Offensive Line Coach Tom Cable coaching them up, so we expect even more holes to open up for Lynch, and when those holes do start to close, expect them to open up once this RB gets going.

 LB – K.J. Wright

If there was one player I had to pick to take a big step next year, that player would be K.J. Wright.  Not that he wasn’t great in his rookie season, playing with impressive instincts, and a nose for the ball, I just think he will be even better this coming season.

And a Linebacker’s best trait is his instincts, it puts him in the best place to knock a guy out of his cleats. 

More than once last year, Wright was sniffing out screen plays and hit opposing running backs in the back field.

As he becomes more comfortable with the defense, those hits will come harder, faster, and more often.

He will be a big part of this team in 2012-13.

Honorable Mention

How can I forget LeRoy Hill. One can only hope we see more BIG HIT types of plays in 2012 from the Seahawks vet.

Lastly its our CFL import Brandon Browner. Who can forget this memorable play from last year’s game in Arizona. EPIC 3 hit gif. Check it out. (Thanks FieldGulls)

The Seahawks are looking to win the NFC West but have they done enough to compete in the division? experts debate if Seattle has a fighting chance.


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  • Rob

    Nice article. I can be very critical of guys trying to make up controversy but I can be very supportive of an article like this one. It’s tough to come up with a good piece this time of year. Good work.

  • NWSportsBeat

    Thanks Rob.

  • lee

    Good comments Reggie. I really do hope that you can add Wagner’s name to the list next year. It sounds like this guy is a real burner in the middle.

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