Here’s what I’m watching for Thursday night at CenturyLink Field

Seahawks Raiders Story-lines

I’m sitting here writing this at 1:00 Thursday morning, in large part because I spent the day traveling to Eastern Washington to pick up my nephew.  He will be attending his first Seahawks game.

I have to be honest here, he is not a Seahawks fan, he’s a Buccaneer’s fan.  Even-though he is not a member of the 12th man he has a deep hatred of the Oakland Raiders, so he will be attending the game decked out in Seahawks gear.

Maybe, just maybe, when he feels the passion of the 12th man his alliance will sway.

Earlier in the week the Seahawks released Coye Francies and the Raiders were quick to pick him up.  Maybe they were looking for a little inside information on what the Seahawks are going to do on defense, I doubt it.

Turbin vs. Curry

Teams run very vanilla schemes in the preseason because they do not want to give away any information to the teams they are going to play when it really matters.

Whatever the reasoning behind Coye being picked up, I hope that he can stick with the team.

Pardon me for a moment, I am going to be completely selfish with this one.  I want to see former Seahawks 3rd overall NFL draft pick Aaron Curry accidentally (because we know he can’t do it on purpose) end up in position to make a tackle on Robert Turbin.

Here is where I’m undecided, do I want Robert to make a jump cut and watch Aaron tackle air or do I want to see Turbin lower his shoulder and run over Curry like a Mack Truck?

Aaron Curry

I can’t wait to see Aaron Curry accidentally make another tackle.

Honestly, either way it would be a very enjoyable moment for me, as I’m sure there would be many other members of the 12th man.

Greg Knapp compared the Seahawks defense to that of the Lions, whom they faced last week.  Knapp told his offense that he “expected” the Seahawks to try to pressure the Raiders and added that his team was “prepared” for it.

The K is Silent

Is it just me or is Greg Knapp always unprepared for any defense?

Heck, he never seems be prepared for the situation, let alone the opposing team.

I know I have been ringing this bell all pre-season, that said I won’t stop until he either makes the team or gets cut, I want to see Charly Martin step on the field and ball out.

He has earned a lot of respect around the league and if the Seahawks do decide to release him I don’t think he will sneak onto the practice squad.

I think we will know what the Seahawks plans are by the end of tonight.

If they choose to sit him most of the game I have a feeling they are trying to put him on the practice squad, however, if they use him a lot I think that means the front office would like one more reason to keep him.

Of course I will be closely watching all the bubble players, today is going to make some careers as well as end some.

The most important thing I will be watching for is health.  The last pre-season game always scares me.  You never want to see an injury, but in my opinion this is just about the worst time for them to happen.

Even a minor injury at this point can cause a player to miss time during the regular season.


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  • I read earlier this morning that Curry is PUP, due to “sore knees.”

    • I like probably MOST Seahawks fans don’t even know how to type in Rayders dot com – so no way would I have known he was on PUP. Probably the same goes for @nwprosports (Brett) lol

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