Here’s what I’m watching for Saturday night at Invesco Field

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Games against the old division rivals of the AFC West are always a lot of fun, preseason or not.

For the most part, I still harbor hatred for the teams that the Seahawks left behind when they rejoined the NFC for the 2002 season.

Though it has been a decade since the realignment, the lack of competition in the NFC West has left an empty feeling inside and a yearning for rivalry.

Seattle has won the division 5 out of the last ten years. The 49ers and Cardinals have won it twice a piece.

NFC West

The Rams have managed to win it once and have spend most of the rest of the decade looking up at the division.

The only thing I truly despise about the NFC West is the arrogance of the San Francisco 49ers fan base.

Even then, I rarely have to deal with them.

So, Saturday we get to watch the Seahawks travel to Denver to take on the Broncos. It should be a good game and here is what I am looking for…

Last week the Broncos first unit defensive line dominated Chicago in both the passing and the running game. I do believe that it had as much to do with Chicago’s lack of ability up front as it did Denver’s performance I think this game will be a good test for the Seahawks’ offensive line.

If Seattle dominates the Denver defensive line, it will make the statement that the Seahawks’ front 5 are legit (even without starting right guard John Moffitt).

On the other hand, if Denver dominates the battle… it could be a sign to start being concerned.

Bruce Irvin, Seattle Seahawks

Bruce Irvin needs to show some pass rush vs. The Broncos

Terrell Owens looked really good before the Titans game. Unfortunately, he was unable to suit up and play in the game, Sidney Rice was in the same boat. Terrell Owens will be available to play on Saturday but Sidney Rice will not.

I want to see what Terrell has left in the tank at his age (38).

We have seen Matt Flynn‘s accuracy, now I would like to see him air out the ball a little bit. Hopefully his receivers can get open down the field to give him a chance to show what he has.


On the defensive side of the ball, I want to see Seattle get some pressure on Peyton Manning. Against Chicago’s defense he had all day to throw the ball. I want to see him get hit on Saturday.

Bruce Irvin needs to show some pass rush in this game, especially after Denver takes out it’s first unit. He needs to learn how to get off a block quickly because I’m already hearing impatience from Seahawks fans.

It is far too early to get too worried at this point, but I do want to see him do something on Saturday.

I need to see Winston Guy giving more effort when he is on the football field. I have hopes of him making the team but if he doesn’t show more desire this week against Denver he might be gone before he gets a third chance.

Last week the backup linebackers played pretty well and I want to see that carry over to this week.

The drop off from the starting group to the backups scares me a little. Having them string a couple good games together in a row would make me sleep a little better at night.

These are a few of the things I will be looking for tomorrow as the Seahawks take on the Broncos but there are many things to watch for. It is so good to be talking about actual NFL action after the long off season and so much fun to watch the Seahawks play.

Enjoy the game and GO SEAHAWKS!


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  • Flynn is accurate on those 3 yards dump passes, but was picked off on anything longer than that. reality check…….

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