Five Seattle Seahawks who must impress vs. Patriots Sunday

Down goes Brady!

The Seattle Seahawks eked out a close one last week in Carolina to earn their first road victory of the season. This week, they are back at home and facing the #1 offense in the NFL. We all know the Seahawks defense is one of the best in the league. What we will learn Sunday is whether or not it can contend with one of the major players in the NFL.

If they put up a fight and even win this game, the Seahawks should find themselves in some playoff conversations.

Brady and company will be no easy task to shut down and the Seahawks will have to pick up the pace and step up their game in a big way. That shouldn’t be a problem, though, as they have been stout all year.

With all that being said, here are 5 Seahawks players or groups of players as a unit who must impress Sunday against the Patriots.

Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson makes the list again this week, like a few others will, and it is for good reason. While the Seahawks have the statistically worst passing offense in the league, the Patriots are #30 in defending the pass. The Seahawks should take solace in that and air the ball out again this week in order to make big plays and set up Beast Mode for some big runs.

Sidney Rice, Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks

These 2 will NEED to hook up in this game to give the Seahawks a good chance at victory.

Wilson is really going need to be dialed in and make as few mistakes as possible. While the Patriots defense has been bad against the pass, they still have a very quick and talented secondary who will punish you if mistakes are made. Wilson’s accuracy has been pretty dead on besides a couple miscues and will need to make sure he makes smart decisions when throwing the ball.

Wide Receivers

I hate making all encompassing units on these lists, but this one has to be done. The wide receivers in general need to step up in a big way this week. The last few weeks, they have not done a good job at getting separation from their defenders.

They really need to make that the key to the game for themselves, because Wilson will hit them if they’re open. That’s the been the problem, though….nobody has been getting open.

Sidney Rice will need to burn down the sideline and use his height to his advantage. Braylon Edwards, if he plays, needs to stop being lazy and run his routes perfectly in order to be effective and help this team win.

Doug Baldwin will need to find his form from last year and get back to it. He needs to streak down field quickly and find the open parts of the middle field and make people miss him. Golden Tate is this year’s Doug Baldwin and he needs to continue doing what he has done this season. He hasn’t given up on plays and has found ways to get open when he sees his quarterback is in trouble.


Conversely, the linebackers will need to key in on receivers like Baldwin and Tate in covering Wes Welker. I have nothing but confidence that the secondary can handle Brandon Lloyd. Welker is a whole other story, though, and needs to be contained in order to avoid letting Brady march down the field.

KJ Wright, Bobby Wagner, and Leroy Hill will need to be absolutely certain that the middle of the field is secure and that Brady and Welker can’t eat that portion of the field up.

If they do, Brady will pass for 300 yards and give his team a chance to score every drive.

Chris Clemons, Bruce Irvin, Seattle Seahawks

Clemons and Irvin will need to get to Brady. When they do, the Seahawks win

Chris Clemons & Bruce Irvin

These guys make the list each week and for good reason – if you don’t have a pass rush, you can’t effectively play defense. The Seahawks have proven that this season.

When they got to the opposing quarterback, this Seahawks team has seen success. When they haven’t been able to, they have lost.

Same goes this week. The most effective way to swing the game in your favor is rattling the opposing quarterback. When he can’t find his rhythm, he can’t make plays.

If Chris Clemons and Bruce Irvin can get to Brady, he WILL make mistakes. Fumbles, interceptions, and lost yardage will all work in favor of the Seahawks.


Darrell Bevell

Darrell Bevell needs to draw up a successful passing game in order to help the Seahawks win. When Wilson has been allowed to pass on first and second down, he has been highly successful. This may be a run based team, but you need to know when to pass the ball. This is the game where the passing game needs to go nuts.

Bevell cannot make stupid play calls like a quarterback draw on 3rd and anything. He NEEDS to dial up a strong pass attack.

There is no doubt that this week is going to be tough for the Seahawks. The Patriots are no easy team, and the Seahawks will need to reduce their mistakes as much as possible and capitalize on the Patriots’ mistakes.

The Seahawks need to successfully pass the ball and need to stop the stupid penalties against themselves.

If they can manage all that in one game, this Seahawks team will be well on its way to another upset win.


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