NWSB Insider and Seahawks Blogger Brett Bivens breaks down his top five players from the team's NFL preseason game against the Denver Broncos. Kyle Knox, O'Brien Schofield, Spencer Ware, Brandon Browner and Jermaine "Chop-Chop" Kearse all make the list. Last week, people were most disappointed that John Lotulelei was not on this list. Hopefully they're not too disappointed that he didn't make the cut this time either.

Seahawk standouts against the Broncos

5 top players

Last week, people were most disappointed that John Lotulelei was not on this list for the Seattle Seahawks.

Hopefully it doesn’t disappoint them to find out he’s not on it this week either.

Kyle Knox

I don’t spend a lot of time talking about this young man, but after his performance against the Broncos, he left me with no choice.

Even though Kyle Knox played a limited number of snaps against Denver, he sure spent a lot of time in their backfield. Knox finished the game with a quarterback pressure, a quarterback hit, a tackle for a loss and a sack.  It doesn’t get much better than that for a guy hoping to make the team’s practice squad, or maybe even earn a roster spot.

I doubt he will make the Seahawks‘ 53-man roster, but there are 31 other teams out there; most of whom don’t have the depth that Seattle does.

O’Brien Schofield

Though O’Brien Schofield has not even been with the team a month, he is already starting to make an impact.  Against San Diego last week he had a quarterback pressure and a quarterback hit.  This week he added another pressure and…

Then came the pass rusher’s trifecta.

O’Brien showed his ability to bend and get around the edge on his way to the quarterback.  The quarterback had just started bringing the ball back to throw it when Schofield knocked it out of his hand and then had the presence of mind to recover the fumble.

The Sack/Strip/Fumble recovery trifecta was complete.

Spencer Ware

Spencer Ware now leads all backs in yards from scrimmage.  Against the Broncos, he led the team with 54 yards on nine carries while adding another 26 yards receiving.  Ware has 86 yards rushing, second only to Christine Michael‘s 89 yards.  Ware has also added another 30 yards receiving.

 (Photo: via Seahawks.com)

Jermaine “Chop-Chop Kearse can’t rap for beans, but boy can he fly down a football field. (Photo: via Seahawks.com)

The only Seahawk to have more yards from scrimmage this preseason is Stephen Williams, who I believe has cemented his roster spot with the team.

I love watching Ware run.  One minuted he’s juking a linebacker, and the next minute he’s running over a defensive back.

Brandon Browner

Sometimes you hear about a player having a career year during the final season before free agency.  Brandon Browner has been good during his Seahawks’ tenure, but he looks like he’s bringing another level to his game this season.

He’s always been a bit susceptible to receivers getting behind him and the quarterbacks throwing it over his head.  They are still doing it, but when it happened against the Broncos, he attacked the ball ripping it out of the receiver’s hands on both occasions.

It’s like he has resigned himself to the fact that he is going to give those plays up.  Now, instead of just tackling the receivers, he has decided he’s just going to take the ball from the little twerps after they catch it.

Then, of course, he had that 106-yard fumble recovery for a touchdown.  I did go back and watch the play, many times (how could I not?), and saw that it was indeed Heath Farwell‘s helmet that knocked the ball lose.

Jermaine “Chop-Chop” Kearse

The man cannot rap for beans, but boy can he fly down a football field.

It wasn’t the fact that he scored during the return that excited me.  It was how he did it.  He read his blockers quickly and accurately, he didn’t hesitate to make sure what he saw was correct, he just stuck his foot in the ground and went for the holes that he trusted his blockers would create.

…and his blockers didn’t let him down. Actually, the only one who missed his block on the return was Michael Robinson.

Jermaine used his speed to beat the guy Robinson missed and then put a move on the kicker around mid-field. The other play that really stood out was his touchdown reception.  Again, it wasn’t the fact that he scored the touchdown —  it was how hard he sold his route.

Kearse really went hard running what appeared to be a slant pattern.  As soon as the corner bought the route and flipped his hips, Jermaine stuck his cleat into the CenturyLink Field turf and cut to a post.

This double move was practically impossible to defend.

There you have it.  Those are my top five players.  If you feel I have left a deserving player off the list, be sure to let me know.

Go Seahawks!


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