Russell Wilson: Seattle’s first franchise quarterback

Which QB Records Will Be Broken?

Russell Wilson is the most talked about person in the city of Seattle – aside from maybe Macklemore.

The Seattle Seahawks has had Jim Zorn, Matt Hasselbeck, Dave Krieg, etc. – who have all had great careers in the city of Seattle. But were never really considered “franchise quarterbacks.”

The term franchise QB is thrown around all too often. If you consider a young player who can get your team to the playoffs a franchise QB, then nearly every team has one. I see it a little differently.

In my book, a franchise quarterback has the tools and essentials to be an elite leader for several consecutive seasons. If they are not in the top 10, they are not worthy of the franchise title.

I would like to give Russ the honor of being Seattle’s first franchise QB.

Some may say you cannot tell after one season of work, but I would note his work ethic and how he will only improve. And besides, if it weren’t for controversy – there would be no sports writers.

With a QB we can finally look forward to watching for years to come, we can assess the milestones he may accomplish throughout his hopefully decadent career.

The term franchise QB is thrown around all too often.

The term franchise QB is thrown around all too often.

Most Passing Yards Gained: Matt Hasselbeck (29,579)

I have and always will have a soft spot in my heart for Hizzlebizzle. He was a great quarterback, on and off the field. While he wasn’t the most talented, he worked his tail off to be the best he could be.

Hasselbeck averaged 2,943 yards per season throughout his 10 year career in Seattle. In Russell’s first season, he threw for 3,118. In Matt’s first season in Seattle, he threw for 2,023. The teams were at very different levels of talent then and now, but just for comparison we will use those stats.

The 3,118 yards from Russell were greatly deflated due to the learning curve he subdued throughout the season.

The first half of the season he simply handed the ball to Marshawn Lynch, while in the second half he handed the other team their respective asses.

With Wilson’s growth and the pass-heavy direction the league is heading in, look for Wilson to pass up Matt in this particular record with flying colors.

Most Touchdown Passes: Dave Krieg (195)

Krieg is an interesting case. His stats never really jump off the page, but his 12 years in Seattle amassed some bulk stats – and total touchdown passes was one of them.

His career high was 32 in 1984 – which was a lot back then.

Russell threw 26 in his first season – tying the rookie record set by Peyton Manning.

Russell Wilson Playoffs

All signs point to Russell’s passing numbers growing.

Again, all signs point to Russell’s passing numbers growing. If the 26 from last year are any indication of a starting off point for his career, look for Russell to blow this record to kingdom come.

Highest Passer Rating: Matt Hasselbeck (82.2)

The fact that Matt holds this record was rather surprising to me – considering the amount of interceptions he tended to throw. But then again, 82.2 isn’t exactly a Hall of Fame number. (For example, Tom Brady’s career rating is 96.6)

Russell’s career rating is a 100.0. You can’t really ask for a better rookie performance than what Rock em’ Sock em’ Russ gave us last year. The biggest reason I see Russell handling this record with ease is his decision making. Far and away better than any other QB we have ever had, and he’s still a kid.

With his time spent in the film room, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a career passer rating in the triple digits.

In Russell We Trust

There are many other franchise records – most pass attempts, most 300 yard games, most 5+ touchdown performances – that will all be decided by the tenure of Russell in Seattle.

If he spends his career here – fingers crossed – then I am sure these will all fall to Mr. Wilson as well.

Not to rag on any of Seattle’s previous QB’s, but our statistical history isn’t exactly our strong suite.

Long story short, after this young man’s career is over…there could be a lot of Russell Wilson name plates on the list in the Seahawks‘ Hall of Fame.



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