Your new Seahawks starting QB Russell Wilson: love ’em & hate ’em

Pete & John announce Wilson starter

Some people are in love with the idea of having Russell Wilson start for the Seahawks, others hate the idea.  Personally, I fall somewhere in the middle.

Normally I do the Love ’em section followed by the Hate ’em section, but I feel in order to get the season started on the right foot, I am going to end this piece on a high note.

Hate ’em (Hate is too strong a word)

Throughout the whole “quarterback competition” it was called a “3 player race” yet I felt like the position was Matt Flynn‘s job to lose.  Matt Flynn played very well, every-time he saw live action.

Pete Carroll

The kid gloves are off says Pete Carroll

This isn’t a matter of me being right or me being wrong, this is a matter of conventional wisdom.  Sure, there have been many quarterbacks who have played in their rookie season and done very well, but can you name one that was not forced into the starting job?

Not only is Russell Wilson the first 3rd round rookie quarterback to start the first week of the regular NFL season in over 30 years, he’s the only rookie quarterback to start when the team had a veteran behind him who was good enough to start in the NFL.

As well as Russell Wilson has played in preseason, there are many holes in his game.  Earlier today I was breaking down the Chiefs game and I noticed him take two sacks when he had a check down receiver wide open.

Of course I am nit picking, but he is a starting quarterback in the NFL now.  The kid gloves are off.  By Pete Carroll making Wilson the teams starter he just announced, to the world, that Russell is one of the top 32 people in the world who play that position.

It is the time to be picky.

Right now Russell is still making mistakes against backup talent, with vanilla defensive schemes.  Yes, last week he ran with the ones, but half of the Chiefs secondary was out with injury and their secondary is not very deep.

It would be a little bit like Kam Chancellor and Richard Sherman being replaced by Chris Maragos and Walter Thurmond, as far as talent is concerned.

Brian McIntyre of summed up my feelings on the situation earlier when he tweeted, “Would have handled QB situation much differently (going back to OTAs), but Russell Wilson earned #Seahawks job. Couldn’t sit him now.”

Love ’em

I feared that starting him so early in his career could retard his development.

However, after a conversation on the subject with a former player, my concerns were put at ease.

The point he made was that Russell Wilson can grow with this young team, and they can develop together.

That observation got my wheels turning.  I found myself reflecting on a time, not too long ago, when the Indianapolis Colts started Peyton Manning in his rookie season (The Colts finished 3-13).

Russell Wilson, Peyton Manning

I feared that starting him so early in his career could retard his development.

Back then, the Colts were one of the worst teams in the NFL, but they were very young.  That team grew together, they became one of the National Football League’s most powerful teams for the next decade.

I can’t help but be excited about Russell Wilson’s potential.  When I sit down and watch the game with my 12th man hat on I see a player who adds a spark to his team.  He is very exciting to watch because you never know what might happen.

I have never been shy about admitting my strong desire to avoid running quarterbacks, but that is not what Russell is.  When the pocket breaks down and things look bleak he has the ability to slide out of the pocket.

That is when he’s at his best.  Wilson is always looking to pass the ball, he only tucks the ball and runs when he feels it is absolutely necessary.

When Russell does run with the ball, teams better watch out.  Wilson is averaging 15 yards per carry in his 10 attempts this preseason, and his 150 yards on the ground are second on the team to fellow rookie Robert Turbin.

Although I do not agree with the decision to start Russell Wilson in Arizona on September 9, I am excited at the possibility of the great things the future has in store for the  him and the entire Seahawks organization.

Fellow 12th man, I don’t know where we are headed but I know it’s going to be one hell of a ride.



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