Russell Wilson orchestrates two “game winning” drives to beat Bears

Seahawks QB makes Late Season Statement

In his first season with the Hawks Russell Wilson has shown ability way beyond his years. At first glance he is a QB with a strong accurate arm who has scrambling ability.

However now that we have had seen Wilson for three quarters of a season we see that he has the poise and leadership of a veteran not to mention an unmatched work ethic to compliment is natural football abilities.

With just over three minutes remaining in the fourth quarter Wilson led the offense onto the field with 97 yards between them and a game winning touchdown (or so they thought).

He came into the huddle and gave the other ten guys in the huddle a memorable speech about the season being on the line with that drive and boy did that respond.

With the confidence and leadership showed by the man leading the offense the Seahawks drove all the way down the field on one of the premier defenses in the NFL to take a three point lead with 24 seconds remaining.

Whats Up D?

Unfortunately the Seahawks defense has struggled on the road to close out games when they had the chance and Sunday was no different.  Jay Cutler threw for 233 yards on Sunday, 165 of those yards coming from his favorite target Brandon Marshall.

You would expect the Seahawks to find a way to eliminate Marshall in some way to prevent a big gain.

However some how he managed to out-duel the Seahawks defensive backs for the ball and then escape for extra yardage putting the Bears in field goal range after a 56 yard completion.

What did happen on this play?

Pete Carroll insists that all the defensive backs were told and attempted to bat the ball down but Marshall just made a great play on the ball. I can’t deny that it was a  great play made by a great receiver but I disagree with Carroll’s interpretation of how he felt his defensive backs played it.

After looking at the replay you can see Earl Thomas playing the deepest making sure that Marshall didn’t get by him (which he did).

You also see Richard Sherman going up and clearly trying to intercept the ball instead of knocking it down (which he didn’t).

Luckily for the defense they had both quarterbacks on the roster making big plays to save the game for them. The first being Matt Flynn who made his first impact with the team at the coin toss proving once and for all that tails never fails.

All joking aside winning the coin toss is something that has eluded the Seahawks for years. The last time I can confirm the Seahawks won a coin toss for overtime was during the 2003 playoffs and those of you who have followed the Seahawks long enough know what I’m referring so we’ll just leave it at that.

Matt Flynn

Matt Flynn made his first impact with the team Sunday. Nice coin toss call buddy!

Since then the only overtime game the Seahawks  have, until this past Sunday, was in 2005 when the Seahawks benefited from multiple missed field goals by the New York Giants on their way to another big win at home.


The Seahawks took advantage of their fortune and kept the Bears offense planted to the sideline for good.  Seattle used a heavy dose of Marshawn Lynch and Wilson on, who used his legs on multiple key third down conversions as the Seahawks drove 80 yards down the field to win the game.

Doug Baldwin who hasn’t seen the field as much this season due to injury made a huge third down completion tip toeing the sideline and Sidney Rice ended the game with a catch in which he took a huge hit crossing the goal line.

Rice appeared to be ok leaving the field under his own power and later tweeted he had passed all the tests and would be good to go for next weeks NFC West showdown with the Cardinals.

Wilson continues to turn more and more heads leading the team to another key victory as the post season draws nearer. With four games remaining the Seahawks will play three games at home as well as three game against teams with a worse record then the hawks.

Looking at the teams behind Seattle in the playoff race I will say that it is possible they could get into the post season with a 9-7, though unlikely. A 10-6 record could get them in depending on how the other teams do.

An 11-5 record (or winning out) would definitely get them in and could have them winning the NFC West.

Running the table would put them at 11-5 which would have a chance of winning the division all though that’s an outside chance at best.

The Seahawks have gotten through the gauntlet of their road schedule and now they are right where they need to be.

In a position to make the post season with a home loaded schedule remaining, if nothing else it will be a memorable finish.


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