A few reasons why I love Russell Wilson starting week 1 for the Seahawks

New kid on the block

Pete Carroll made waves again in the NFL today after naming rookie quarterback Russell Wilson the week 1 starter for the Seattle Seahawks. Wilson will debut as Seattle’s regular season #1 against the Arizona Cardinals.

While this is upsetting to the throng of Matt Flynn fan club members, this should not shock anyone who has seen Wilson play this preseason.

After impressing last week against the Chiefs first team, it was apparent that Matt Flynn would take second fiddle to a starting quarterback…again.

Don’t get me wrong…Flynn seems to be a decent quarterback. Wilson, though, has been the more impressive of the two – by far, in my opinion.

And with this news, Russell Wilson supporters are rejoicing. Myself included.

Here are 5 reasons why I love Russell Wilson being named the week 1 starter.


Wilson brings a whole different dimension of mobility to the quarterback position than Flynn would. He has already proven his worth on the ground, showing off his speed and agility while playing at NC State and Wisconsin.

Then he carried that over into his pro career, torching 1st, 2nd and 3rd team defenses in the NFL.

Wilson has no problem standing in the pocket, but when he takes off, he is a natural. By using his mobility to the best of his ability, Wilson extends so many plays by scrambling and often converting plays into first downs.

Work Ethic

I will never knock a man’s worth ethic, especially when they are in the premier status of their profession. Being a professional football player takes a strong work ethic.

What sets people apart, though, is how much harder they work then they get to the NFL.

Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks

Wilson’s big play ability is contagious – as he rushed for 31 yards, Leon Washington takes Eric Berry out of the play

Wilson has frequently been mentioned as the first player in the facility and the last player to leave. Players rave about how hard he works in the gym and in the film room. His hard work on the field shows.

Everyone so far has been impressed with Wilson as he has slowly taken over as the lead topic of conversations.


Russell Wilson’s awareness is second to none. He has taken very few sacks this preseason because of it. Many knock Matt Flynn for holding the ball too long, myself included, while Wilson seems to find a way to escape sacks or to get rid of the ball before he goes down.

This is a much needed talent on this team when the offensive line is shaky at best for the time being. He’s not just running for his life, he is strategically moving around to hit a receiver or to find a spot where he can reach to avoid a sack or big play turned against him.

Big Play Ability

I know I talked about his ability to extend plays, but Wilson brings a lot more to the table than that. With his running ability, his big arm and his field vision, Russell Wilson has come through time and time again with big plays.

Each game, he seems to make the highlight reel for one reason or another, always good. Whether it be a deep pass to a receiver or making a completion when he is trying to throw the ball out of bounds, Wilson attracts big plays.

He makes big throws, he converts bad plays into big gains and always finds a way to avoid the bad plays.

Risk vs. Reward

Russell Wilson has taken all the right chances this preseason. He came out of every game with impressive passing numbers while his counterpart spent his whole time dropping dump passes just over the defensive line.

Wilson has taken all the necessary risks to steal this starting quarterback job and is now reaping the reward.

By taking shots downfield or down the middle, Wilson has shown that it takes some risk to win games.

You can’t just play it safe in the NFL anymore.


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  • I’m with you 99%, the 1% being ”
    the offensive line is shaky at best for the time being.” I’ve been very impressed with them, be it the 7 or 8 practices I attended or in the games. Friday night I thought they were especially good as they seem to improve from game-to-game. Much like last year, it takes snap after snap to build cohesion. Luckily this year we have an offseason to expedite the process. Am I the ONLY one who heard Terry Bradshaw yesterday?? He was fired up about the Seahawks & Russell Wilson, not so much about Matt Flynn. Said Flynn was; “barely any good @ LSU” and “had 1 good game & got rich off it.” Aikman & Buck were speachless it was awesome!

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