Reasons the Seahawks smashed the San Francisco 49ers

Seattle manhandles the first place Forty Niners

The Seattle Seahawks came up with another impressive victory under the lights Sunday night.

The Hawks scored in bunches, just like the past two weeks. But the big difference between weeks past and week 16 was the opponent.

San Francisco came into the game being touted as arguably the best team in the NFL. This didn’t bother the Seahawks one bit.

You wouldn’t have known the Niners were a first place team if you hadn’t seen a game prior to Sunday’s.

Seattle was all over the 49ers from the first kickoff until the final whistle.

Critics can eat their words this week as the Seahawks are undoubtedly the hottest team in the league.

Their defense is to be feared and their offense has very clearly hit their stride. Not to mention a special teams unit as good as any in football.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Seattle is the scariest team heading into the postseason.

Fast Start:

The Seahawks have gotten out to very explosive starts the past few weeks, which really takes the pressure off the defense when they’re playing with the lead virtually all game long.

Against the 49ers it was especially important to take an early lead since the San Fran defense is very unforgiving, and like any squad, loves to protect a lead.

Seattle wasted no time getting on the scoreboard within the first three minutes of the game thanks to Marshawn Lynch rumbling to pay dirt.

Like so many other times, Beast Mode set the tone for the game.

Richard Sherman:

Russell Wilson vs. SF

Russell Wilson showed off his arm skills this week (Photo: NY Daily News)

Simply put, this guy is the Beast Mode of the Seattle D.

He has been flying around the football field with reckless abandon this season, creating chaos in the secondary, across the middle, and in the backfield.

He’s becoming somewhat of a turnover creating monster that fires up this already fueled team.

In the absence of CB Brandon Browner, Sherman has stepped up huge to fill the gap and Seattle hasn’t skipped a beat.

Let\’s hope the league doesn’t prevent Sherman from appearing in the Seahawks’ upcoming playoff run.

Russell Wilson:

This kid is simply amazing.

The 31 teams that passed him up, more than once, should all be kicking themselves right about now (exceptions maybe being Washington and Indy).

Wilson plays with such poise and calm confidence, you’d swear he was a 10 year vet. He’s quietly the best rookie in the league boasting a 10-5 record, with no home defeats.

Wilson was doing a lot of damage with his feet recently, but on Sunday he put his arm on display, throwing for four touchdowns against a stellar San Francisco defense.


I hate sounding like a broken record.

Week after week it seems I’m praising the same group of Seattle players or elements of the team’s persona.

But there is certainly something to be said for consistency.

Winning is a habit, and Seattle has caught the bug. The way Pete Carroll and his team take the field is a thing of beauty.

They approach each game as if it’s their last, and that “leave it all on the field” approach is essential for any championship run.

All three phases of the game are clicking on all cylinders for the Hawks at the perfect time for peaking.

Home Field Advantage:

There is a lot of debate about whether a home field can actually be an advantageous factor for an NFL team.

If you are to look to the stats, they certainly show that Seattle is the false start epicenter of football.

And any player who’s been on either bench at CenturyLink can attest to the value of that noisy crowd.

NBC’s Michelle Tafoya did a fun experiment on Sunday to show viewers on TV just how loud the crowd was at field level.

If you watched the game you know what I’m talking about.

Tafoya stood about six feet away from her microphone and yelled into it, but you couldn’t hear a single word she was saying.

The 12th man was in full effect, as usual, and disrupted the 49ers offense all game long. Hosting a playoff game would be amazing for the Hawks, who have yet to lose at home this season.

Seattle has locked up a playoff spot and can still win the NFC West division with a win next weekend and a San Fran loss. What a great ending to a wildly entertaining season.

Go Hawks!


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