Obvious reasons the Seahawks laid a beatdown on the Bills!

Seattle took Toronto, Bills by storm

Canadian fans got to witness live NFL action on Sunday afternoon as the Bills played a “home game” in the Rogers Centre in downtown Toronto, Ontario. It wasn’t apparent that Buffalo had any sort of home field advantage, and if they did it sure didn’t rattle the Seahawks one bit.

From start to finish, like last week’s blowout win, the Seattle Seahawks were in absolute control in all aspects of the game.

It was once again a complete team win with dominance on offense, defense and special teams.

The Bills showed a bit more resistance than the lowly Cardinals last Sunday, but it wasn’t enough to even come within 30 points of the high flying Hawks.

Here are some key reasons the Hawks piled on 50 points en route to their ninth win of the season.

1) Russell Wilson

In a season where rookies are making statements all across the league, Russell Wilson is quietly positioning himself as a standout starting NFL quarterback. Passed up by many teams due to his height, or lack thereof, Wilson flew under the radar in the draft, until Seattle snatched him up.

The Seahawks saw something in him they liked, an intangible factor, or a number of them.

Calm, cool and collected are all words that would suit the quiet QB, but there is one that is more important: Leader. Wilson leads by example, and with hard work, two things Pete Carroll values. Wilson is an accurate passer with a great arm, but showcased his legs on Sunday.

Number three rushed for three touchdowns in the first half, his first rushing TD’s of the year. When you can do that on the ground, you really don’t need to light it up through the air.

2) Defense Flying to the ball

Seattle’s defense is aggressive, fast, and they’re ball hawks. Each and every week someone new seems to step up and have a career game.

Chris Clemons

The plus three margin was a key reason for their pummeling of Buffalo

But the past two blowouts have seemed like a true team effort and smothering of their opponents. The blitzes drawn up are spectacular, and the solid secondary play of late has helped to facilitate more of these blitzes, in turn creating more turnovers for the Hawks.

The plus three margin was a key reason for their pummeling of Buffalo. And if the offense were to go  cold, the D has their back, continuing to put up points of their own.

3) Run Game

It’s no secret the Marshawn Lynch is a machine. His nickname is Beast, and he has undoubtedly been in Beastmode all season long. On Sunday he needed only 10 rushes to accumulate 113 yards and a score. Add that to Russell Wilson‘s 92 and you’ve got over 200 yards between your dynamic backfield duo.

In total, the Seahawks racked up 270 yards and four touchdowns on the ground.

Those are NCAA type numbers, just like the ridiculous point totals the past two weeks. In case you weren’t counting, Seattle has posted 108 points in two games.

4) Confidence and Momentum

The stats are all fine and dandy, and of course football is a game chalked full of them. But the real factors that lead to winning teams are those intangibles.

The Seahawks are a team on a roll, and they know it. You can see the confidence running through that locker room as soon as they take the field. Every player bounces around, fired up and excited, just the way their head coach is.

And then it gets back to that matter of family. They are a big family, and their common goals have aligned to focus and motivated every single guy on that roster. The Hawks truly are a team to be afraid of heading into postseason play. It really is important to come into the playoffs hot, and Seattle is certainly that. 

Becoming only the third team to ever post 50+ points in consecutive games is an amazing feat, but rest assured this team has already put that behind them as they prepare for a battle with their division foes from San Francisco.

These two teams are arguably the most physical in the league, so tune in Sunday night to see a full on war.

The division title is still very much up for grabs.

Go Hawks!


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  • Chihuahua’s Seahawk

    Big “D” so far and the most important, we haven’t miss Browner yet, it means we have a real solid “D”! You are right “they’re ball hawks” every time we need a big play (like you said) some one step up and do it on the right moment.

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