Seahawks quarterback 2013 stat line projections

Airing it Out

I’m calling this piece a stats projection for the Seattle Seahawks quarterbacks, but in maintaining some shred of realistic perspective it will be focused almost entirely on Russell Wilson.

I mean, there’s something to be said for Pete Carroll’s competition mantra and we can all thank him for instilling it in this franchise, but there really isn’t any competition this year where quarterback is concerned.

There is of course the ongoing battle between Tarvaris Jackson and Brady Quinn for the role of backup, but barring some horrific scenario that keeps Wilson off the field, we probably won’t be hearing either of their names for quite some time.

And that, my friends, is probably for the best.

He Reminds me of Fran Tarkenton…

Now how about that Wilson kid.

Now how about that Wilson Kid?

Now how about that Wilson Kid?

He’s not your ordinary run of the mill quarterback, and he’s not in your average run of the mill system. While Wilson provides some of the most exciting and brilliantly improvised play in the league at the quarterback position, it rarely results in much of the way of yardage.

The effectiveness is best exemplified in the wins column, not on the score sheet.

The main reason for his lack of prolific yardage is the system he plays in. As I may or may not have mentioned a few times in the last few weeks, the Seahawks are a run-first team.

If that weren’t crazy enough in today’s NFL, they also are a (erroneously labeled as, but widely considered) zone-read team, apparently. Bitter sarcasm aside, the Seahawks are remarkably proficient with the zone-read and it is a part of their offense, but not to the degree that most think it is.

A Tale of Two Seasons

For the better part of the first half of last season, believe it or not, Russell Wilson not only seemed human, but even worse he was playing like a rookie.

The statistical split between games 1-8 and games 9-16 can be best exemplified in the graph pictured below.

The seemingly arbitrary numbers and corresponding colours are actually representative of the number grades dished out by ProFootballFocus for each weekly performance; the lower the number the worse he played and vice-versa.

Russell Wilson 2012 Grades

He was playing like a rookie?

Somewhat less subjectively though, a quick look at his numbers really does tell the whole story. Through the first half of the season Wilson completed 129 of 210 passes for 1,466 yards with 10 TD’s to 8 INT’s for a rating of 82.4; Through the second he completed 123 of 183 with  16 TD’s and only 2 INT’s with a rating of 120.3.

The absurdly good numbers Wilson was able to tally in the second half of last season surely have 12’s everywhere expecting much of the same for all 16 games this season… which they probably shouldn’t.

Firstly, maintaining that level of play for even the eight weeks he was able to last season is borderline impossible, even for Russell Wilson.

More importantly though, the level of competition through the entirety of this upcoming season is about 95x as difficult as the turnstile defenses he ran over through the second half of last season.

What You’ve All Been Waiting For… My Seahawks Quarterback Predictions

Russell Wilson

286 Completions 440 Attempts 30 TD’s 14 INT’s

Like ’em?

Hate ’em?

Give me your thoughts on my stats predictions for Seattle’s receiving corps in the comments section down below.


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