Seattle Seahawks looking to move up in 2012 NFL draft order

History proves this is not the best choice

As it was reported by CBS Sports on Sunday, the Seattle Seahawks are indeed among the elite few who like their chances on obtaining the number two overall pick in this years draft.

Upon hearing this news, I jumped with joy, for about a minute, and then thought of all of the past NFL flops that have been produced out of the first round in the draft.

Mainly QBs.

Don’t forget the past

Does the name Rick Mirer ring any bells for Seahawks fans? Sure we got the one over from the Patriots that season, classic Belichick before he was even the head coach there, and were forced to pick Mirer, but it still stings in this fans body.

Most of the time when a first overall selection is coming into his new city, the franchise is in turmoil and it resembles more of a feeding the young to the wolves, than a talented QB playing on the field.

The situation for the Seahawks would be different, as they have one of the best running games in the league, a decent line, and a corps of young talented receivers that promise to get better.

My skepticism

But I am still skeptical about this move. The Seahawks would give away their number twelve pick, probably another two or three in this years draft, and deplete their drafts for the next two years as well. And for what?

The projected number two pick is Robert Griffin III, a great QB with great speed, a great arm, and a terrific build. The problem? He does not fit the style the Seahawks play.

Robert Griffin III

Is RGIII Really worth moving up 10 picks for?

Neither does Tarvaris Jackson for that matter.

If the Seahawks are hell bent on making a move for a QB, I would like to see them put together a package for Jake Locker of the Titans, rather than one for the number two pick.

Locker fits our style, a pocket passer, who can run when needed, and has one hell of an arm. Plus, he is already a fan favorite in Seattle.

But that ship has sailed, and they will most likely not even think about a move like this.

The main offenders

Here is where history comes into play. Jamarcus Russell, Ryan Leaf, Joey Harrington, David Carr, Akili Smith, Tim Couch, I could go on, but I think you all get the idea.

All of these players were touted with the “saving our franchise” tag. And all of them flopped like fish gasping for water on the flat of the boat.

They all had stellar collegiate careers, and were thrown into the starting position as soon as they landed in the NFL, going back to my above comment.

If the Seahawks really want to find the QB of the future, I just can’t see them unloading a bunch of picks and talent for the number two pick this season.

Maybe RGIII works out, and really is what he claims to be, or maybe Andrew Luck falls to the number two, and we nab him instead.

None of it matters if we throw away all the necessary picks to build a future around them.


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  • No way we aquire the 2nd pick overall without giving away this year and next years draft. St. Louis would make us pay dearly. Plus it sounds like they want Cleveland’s 4th and 22nd plus a 2nd rounder for an outside of division opponent. Imagine what they would want from in an intra-divisional trade? No thanks!

  • Gvtran

    I believe the Niners will be the toughest team in the NFC West next NFL season (2012).  The Cardinals look like they one step ahead of SeaHawks (Seahawks gave up the last game to them).  The Rams may get back to the 500 level with new coach in a year or 2.  If Seahawks want to be a playoff team in 2012 season, I think they need more free-agents than high draft picks.  However, I believe Coach Carroll and GM Schneider have the 2012 season planned out already.  I cannot wait to see Seahawks back to playoff again.

  • Well you sure a “glass half empty” kind of guy. RGIII is a #1 over all guy now doubt there,  falling to #2 is a good deal. You talk history but tell it like it is, go back to ’01 an you tell me how many of these #1’s you’d like to see in a Seahawk uniform Vick, Carr, Palmer,
    E. Manning, A.Smith, M. Williams, russell, J.Long Staffard, Bradford, Newton… Hmm I count 8. Pete has shown he can pull tallent from outside the draft. Hell he can pull it from outside the country! RG3 would put the Seahawks on the map and if he plays just a bit better than TJac and stays healthy we are in the post season NO DOUBT! Say we give up  two 1’st a 3’rd and a  4th. people that is only FOUR UNPROVEN PLAYERS from a team that made over 300 moves in two years WTF it’s a no brainer GO FOR IT maybe we will finally get an ELITE QB!! 

    • NWSportsBeat

      “FOUR UNPROVEN PLAYERS from a team that made over 300 moves in two years WTF it’s a no brainer GO FOR IT maybe we will finally get an ELITE QB!! ”

      I actually can get on board with that logic. Well put.

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