Sea-Pinion! Reasons why I prefer Russell Wilson over Seneca Wallace

Small Stature, Big Heart

After the Seahawks picked up Russell Wilson in the draft, I found it hard not to compare him to former Seattle backup Seneca Wallace, now of the Browns.

Watching Wilson play at Wisconsin showed me that the two are more similar than one would think.

Look at their small size to start.

But as alike as they might be, I would prefer Russell Wilson over Seneca Wallace as a backup. (Even though my colleague Brandon put him on the Seahawks fastest players ever list.)

Here are my five reasons:

1. Wilson is in the competition from day one

With the addition of former Green Bay backup Matt Flynn in free-agency, one would think he would be new face of the Seahawks with his generous contract.

Or possibly Tarvaris Jackson, who played considerably well in the final half of the season last year while injured.

It was inevitable that one of them would be named starter until the draft, when Russell Wilson was picked in the third round. Pete Carroll has already gushed about Wilson, who proved himself in camp and is also thrown into the starting quarterback competition as a rookie.

Russell Wilson Third Round

Wilson is in the competition from day one

 2. Wilson uses his speed

It would be hard to count on both hands the amount of times that Seneca Wallace forces a pass every game when the lane is open for him to take off. Wallace excels when rolling out of the pocket, but feels the need to get the ball of without taking it himself.

Wilson, on the other hand, feels more comfortable on his feet and will pick up the extra yards on short runs.

This is an important skill for quarterbacks to have because it creates a whole new danger that defenses must prepare for.

3. Wilson has the better arm

There is so much truth to that simple statement. Wilson exceeds in accuracy, arm strength, technique, and we’ll throw in decision making on top although it has nothing to do with the arm itself.

Wilson puts a lot of thought into every throw, and it’s obvious when he goes to the hot route instead of throwing a deep pick like Wallace tends to do.

Wilson throws a consistent spiral that jets to the receivers which helps him fit the ball into tight spots.

Wallace also has a strong arm to brag about, but I’d rather catch his bullet than Wilson’s.

4. Wilson is a fresh face

Seneca Wallace

I enjoyed Wallace’s stay in Seattle

Seneca Wallace had his chance. It’s common for coaches to feel more comfortable with a player that has yet to make mistakes and prove himself unworthy as a starter then someone who had a chance but blew it.

Wallace did have his good days, but his inconsistency has kept him in the backup role. Wilson is coming in without any NFL experience, which sounds very anxiety-provoking.

But what is one thing Wallace has done that Wilson can’t?

5. Wilson makes me feel good

What an excuse for a fifth reason. It is an important factor though, because you want someone that makes you at ease with the game on the line.

I enjoyed Wallace’s stay in Seattle, but when Hasselbeck was injured I just couldn’t sit comfortably in my chair anymore.

Would I accept Wilson as the starter next season?


Would I want Wilson rallying the Seahawks down the field in a late game like he did so many times at Wisonsin?

Most definitely.

I’ll let you decide who you like more. Here’s some highlights from each.

Seneca Wallace Highlights (YouTube)

Russell Wilson Highlights (YouTube)


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