Seattle and Harvin will survive his injury

Stop Whining

The biggest news from the opening day of the Seattle Seahawks2013 training camp was that Percy Harvin, Seattle’s latest treasure and multi-threat weapon on offense, was on the PUP list. Shortly after the list was put out, many began to report that Harvin’s ailment was related to a hip issue that was later revealed to be a potential tear to his labrum.

This obviously isn’t the kind of thing you want to hear when you’re team is gearing up for what could be a remarkable season.

However, with the way I have seen Seattle fans react all across the northwest (and nation for that matter), I have two words for you: CALM DOWN.

Percy Harvin, Seattle Seahawks

Percy Harvin has reportedly suffered a hip injury as was on the PUP list today/

Harvin isn’t dying, he didn’t have his leg severed, and as of right now, there is still a lot of speculation as to how serious his injury is.

And though I do tend to over-analyze things at times, Seahawk fans really need to learn to wait this one out before sending the man get well cards like he’s contracted the worst disease you could think of.

To do such a thing almost exudes a certain aura of desperation surrounding fans of the Hawks, like we’re so deprived that we NEED Harvin on the field. But I’ll tell you something, that’s not at all the case.

Don’t get me wrong, Percy Harvin in Seattle’s offense is going to be magnificent. His speed and versatility will open up the field and allow other players to really become bigger impacts in 2013.

He’ll give Seattle a speed presence on the edge, take pressure off Russell Wilson, and allow Marshawn Lynch to keep rumbling up the middle for crucial yards. What he won’t do, however, is completely cripple the Seahawks should he remain out for a significant amount of time.

I mean, just look back towards the end of last year; Seattle virtually has all the weapons they were thrashing other teams with, and the offensive line looks like it will be even better in 2013!

To think that Harvin is the be-all, end-all of the Seahawks’ offense is completely ridiculous and frustrating to hear.

Now, had it been Wilson on the sideline, I’d be crying in a corner right now. Harvin? I’m just more upset that he’s hurt…yet again…and the Seahawks paid him a lot of money.

As mentioned previously, Harvin will still be getting a second opinion on the matter and may need surgery. Should he require surgery for a torn labrum, the recovery process can take four to six months, obviously hurting his potential impact in the Seattle in 2013.

However, should it become apparent that the injury is not as bad as it seems and looks like all Harvin will need to do is some physical therapy, we’ll likely see him take it light throughout the preseason and beginning of the year before he really makes an impact with the squad.

And so, Seattle fans, stop your worrying. Yes, Harvin being down does degrade Seattle’s offense to a certain extent, but in no way does it take them out of contention. You can stop your prayer circles and go back to your everyday life, the Seahawks will be fine.

While a great player and one who would open up Seattle’s offense and make it more potent than last season, Harvin is a luxury who Seattle could still play very well without.


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