*My* ten bubble Seahawks on the NFL chopping block (75 player cutdown)

Seahawks 75 man roster bubble players

I have put myself in Pete Carroll and John Schneider’s position many times before.

As hard as it is to add players, either through the draft or free agency, it is much more difficult to release them. Especially because they’re Seahawks.

And this is just a hypothetical…

Monday, Aug. 27 (4 p.m. ET): Deadline for teams to cut their rosters down to a maximum of 75 players.


When the Seahawks signed Deuce Lutui on April 6, 2012, I was excited by the prospect of what he could bring to the team, if he could control his weight.  When I saw him at the beginning of training camp he was looking pretty lean, and my excitement seemed validated.

Ever since that initial reaction, his play has struggle and so has his belt.  That leaner Lutui seems to be bigger every time I see him.  I think Deuce may be the only player who has actually increased his percentage of body fat during a training camp.


Alex Barron is another veteran the Seahawks brought in to try to add some experience to a very young offensive line.  Like Deuce, he just hasn’t looked good on the field.  The younger guys, who were under him on the depth chart, have over taken the former first round pick.

3. RICARDO LOCKETTE Wide receiver

There are so many players in the wide receiver group at this point that the Seahawks practically need a second roster just to house them all.  Ricardo Lockette would be my first choice to cut.

Ricardo Lockette

I just haven’t seen enough from Lockette to keep him around.

Ricardo has been hampered by hamstring issues, regardless I just haven’t seen enough from him.  I see a track start who has no interest in transforming into an NFL wide receiver.  I don’t think he has improved at all during the off season.

His defining play, to me, was a short yardage run where he was responsible to keep the outside defender out of the backfield.

He barely touched the defender, then took three steps away from the play and watched the other 21 players battle it out.

4. KRIS DURHAM Wide receiver

Unfortunately, Kris Durham is another player who has not developed.  He doesn’t seem interested in perfecting his route running, nor his blocking technique.  Younger, hungrier players are on the roster.

Bottom line, Kris expendable.

5. TERRELL OWENS Wide receiver

Terrell Owens has dropped pass after pass in his two appearances this preseason, and made one big play.  It’s that big play that is the biggest concern.  He let the pass drop in over his shoulders, and caught it against his chest, with a defender just in-front of him.  A better corner could have made a play on the ball, or at least knocked it away.

What I expect from a veteran receiver with his size and strength is to go up and high point that ball, giving the cornerback no chance.

That coupled with the report from Eric Williams that Terrell is making an appearance as the diva receiver better known as T.O. in the locker room is more than enough reason for the Seahawks part ways.

6. PHIL BATES Wide receiver

Cutting Phil Bates is more of a numbers game than anything.  With 9 other receivers still on the roster, I would drop him here.  That doesn’t mean I would be parting ways with him permanently.

He hasn’t shown enough in the games for other teams to be chomping at the bit to add him to their rosters.

Winston Guy

He may end up on the practice squad but for now Guy needs to go.

I think the Seahawks could place him on the practice squad before it is all said and done.

7. JAMESON KONZ Linebacker

Is Jameson Konz a linebacker? Is he a tight end? Does any of that matter after the first round of cuts for the Seahawks?

Nothing against the guy, but I just don’t see a roster spot in the organization for Konz.

Releasing him now may give him an opportunity to land on his feet somewhere else.

8. COOPER HEIFET Tight end

What a memory Cooper Heifet made for himself in the Seahawks second preseason game with the touchdown catch in the back of the end zone.  I think that will be the biggest moment of his very short NFL career.


Sometimes, when a player gets drafted, he feels like he has arrived.  I get the feeling that is how Winston Guy has approached his experience.

He will probably bounce around to a few teams before he either learns that he hasn’t earned anything at this level yet, or just fades into obscurity.

10. RON PARKER Cornerback

I can’t put my finger on it, but cutting Ron Parker just feels right.  We haven’t seen a lot of him in camp either because of various injuries. I would have cut Roy Lewis instead, if it wasn’t for Lewis’ special teams play. Plus the fact he’s having surgery and may be on the PUP.


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