*My two cents* The Seahawks need to trade for Dwayne Bowe

Pull The Trigger!

Headline: The solution is a QB change; the compromise is the Chiefs WR making Seattle’s offense better.

The Seattle Seahawks need to do something for their defense, a defense that is the best in the NFL and could win a Super Bowl if given the opportunity.

Since no one in management or on the coaching staff is willing to change their minds (a stubborn bunch), Russell Wilson will continue to start at QB for Seattle despite being an inadequate starter for this situation.

Matt Flynn is a much better option for this team.

His ability to hit the open receiver downfield and within 10 yards would increase this team’s ability to move the chains, maintain possession, and increase the rest time for the defense before unleashing them on unworthy opponents.

The Seahawks held the ball for just under 28 minutes Thursday night, if they can learn to hold onto the ball as teams with fantastic defenses do, they will win more games.

Regardless of who is under center for the Hawks, the time of possession stat is a black cloud over the team. New England had the ball 8 more minutes than the Seahawks, Green Bay 8 as well. Escaping with wins in that type of a game is an aberration, not something worth getting used too.

Time Of Possession

In the two games Seattle handled the best this season, wins over Dallas and Carolina (Yes, the Carolina score was close, but Seattle was in control of Cam Newton and the Panthers offense throughout), the Hawks held the ball for +10 minutes over the Cowboys and +14 over the Panthers.

With that kind of offensive efficiency, this team can thrive.

Since Coach Compete will not replace Wilson with a more efficient Flynn, the front office is going to need to make a move they have avoided with Pete Carroll at the helm.

This team needs to make a mid-season trade

dwayne bowe

The Seahawks need to make a mid-season trade for Bowe

Rarely, if ever, is there a quality, pro-bowl caliber WR on the market this close to the trade deadline (moved from week 6 to week 8 this year). Kansas City WR Dwayne Bowe is unhappy with his current club, and could excel with a new team and playoff aspirations.

Despite a 1-5 record, the Chiefs have not led a game in regulation this season. Poor QB play and no talks of a contract extension have forced Bowe to request a one-way ticket out of KC.

Early in Bowe’s career, the WR struggled with dropped passes, driving the Arrowhead faithful crazy. Seattle is not shy to the dropped pass, as they seem to collect veteran wide receivers that love dropping passes until they leave the great northwest (cough, Deion Branch, cough).

The book on Bowe

Bowe has decreased his drop totals the last three years, and this year he is below the top-20 in the AFC.

Bowe’s ability to get open wherever he is on the field, whether that be going deep, crossing the middle, or short routes are run with precision and his giant hands give bad QB’s a better chance at a completion.

Over Bowe’s 5.5-year career, he has averaged 5 catches/game. In 2010, he scored 15 touchdowns for a 4-12 team.

This player can excel in Seattle for 4-5 years and will allow everyone else on the WR depth chart to gain confidence as the second or third option rather than being relied on as Wilson’s only read.

What transpired in the New England game will not happen again for the Seahawks, the 49ers took away the deep ball and so will everyone else. Marshawn Lynch can only do so much.

Make this trade quickly Seattle, or the Miami Dolphins will. That will make week 12 in Miami incredibly bitter, knowing what could have been.



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  • Ben

    I don’t necessarily agree with your assessment of Wilson, but I do agree that the Seahawks should go after Bowe. I think part of Wilson’s struggles can be blamed on the receiving core and lack of options at the TE position.

  • Seahawkfan99

    ReaLly? Flynn was beat out by a rookie QB that stands 5’11. Why else is Wilson starting? Does he have pics of Carrol and Sneider in compromising situations? Did he receive this appointment by unfair means? Where we’re you and your opinions last week. When you make a statement that, “Flynn is a much better option at QB” you really need to follow up with facts to back your opinion. I would like to hear them.
    As for Bowe, another bad decision on your part. KC plays a much different offense than Seattle. Bowe would have to learn the offense and develop a chemistry with his new QB. I suppose you think all that would happen overnight by osmosis (look up the definition). There is a reason you’re a hack writer without a real job and it’s drivel like this.

    • NWSportsBeat

      Thx for the comments Seahawksfan99. Except the “Hack writer” part. Jeff is a volunteer writer at NWSB. NONE of our “writers” are professional writers. They are fans. They have opinions and they are encouraged to write on any of these opinions they have on any of the teams they cover. TO say he doesn’t have a “real job” just shows your class. EVERY single guy who writes for NWSB has a “real job”. They write on the teams they love because they are passionate about the teams they write on. Its his opinion that we go after Bowe. It’s his opinion that he feels Flynn is the better QB. Just as you hold an opposite opinion. I have no problem with you having the opposite opinion, but I do have an issue with you as a human being. Is it to much to ask for people to just be “decent” to other people online?

      • Hold

        While I can appreciate your sentiment about being “decent” the posters premise is largely correct ,he could have used a little more tact. When writing a published article a person should at least have an opinion somewhat based in fact if you are interested in credibility anyway. Just because he is a volunteer doesn’t obviate the need for being a responsible pundit. Responsible pundits do research then form opinions based on said research.

        • Jeff

          I am sad that I just saw this now, I am the writer of the post above. I appreciate your feedback, although I insist I am not a hack writer. Watching the Seahawks play this season has been hard for me-as a person who watches football. This article is a reaction to watching a sputtering offense opposite an outstanding defense. In order to understand the article, it is important to read more than the headlines. I believe Russell Wilson’s inability to keep drives alive on third downs is hurting this team and this defense, hence the entire section on time of possession (which was highlighted). Russell can throw a fantastic deep ball, but good defenses take that away, as proof from this weekend and the Mark Sanchez-led Jets scoring 26 points, the Pats D is not a good one. All of this information was in the article, so my hack opinion did contain facts and research, you just didn’t bother to read past Matt Flynn is a better option for this team. Although I’d be surprised if you read this far in my defense, it’s a long comment

          • I think he simply stopped reading when he saw something he didn\’t agree with. But, that does not surprise me in the least. It would be nice if he was more respectful of other\’s opinions. I actually liked this article….keep up the good work, and goooo Seahawks!!~
            *Turns out that for a short guy who didn\’t deserve the job, Wilson has done quite well, eh? LOL

      • This guy is a real loser. He has been popping off like a 2 year old over on the Fox sports Seahawks site for a long time. If you don\’t \”buddy up\” with him and agree with every lame thing he says you will be constantly attacked by him and his gang of buddies. So don\’t take anything he says personal…he just has way to much time on his hands and rolls like this always.

  • Other than everything you said about Russell Wilson, you’re spot on.

  • Love the thought of having Bowe, one downside? He’s going to demand Sidney Rice money and we can’t offer him that much. This team is still rebuilding and can’t afford a ‘rental player’. Great write up Jeff!

    • Jeff

      Agreed on the rental player, in my head it makes sense to sign him for 3-4 years, but if the Seahawks are unwilling to do that, then trading for a rental would be the wrong thing to do.

  • Chitownhawksfan

    I actually agree with you and have been saying all season that we would be a much better team with Flynn, I like Wilson a lot but he is just not ready and Flynn has been waiting behind Rodgers for years for his chance and if given the starting job i think he would have excelled but looks like we are going to have to deal with Wilson. As for Bens comment I also agree that the Hawks are dismal at the tight end position. WTF happened to Zach Miller? when we signed him i did not know much about him but was hearing EVERYONE say he was a elite tight end and even heard some Vernon Davis comparisons but he has been nonexistent. I also would like to see Bowe in a Seattle uniform but there is no way we can afford him, plus paying big money to a good WR has not worked for Seattle in the past, look at Houshmanzadeha and Sidney Rice, both were supposed to be elite and came here to be barely average, Would Bowe be just another Sidney Rice? who dont get me wrong is a decent receiver but we are paying him like a superstar. Anyway I am anxious to see if we make a move and as far as this seahawkfan99 i wouldnt be too upset, there are always trolls that like to bash people in these threads to make themselves feel better, pretty sure he is a big loser.

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