Seahawks player profile: The “Slot” receiver…Doug Baldwin

Heeeee’s Back!

Little known, Doug Baldwin, is certainly raising eyebrows once again.  Baldwin, who arrived in Seattle in 2011 as an undrafted free agent is starting the 2013 season off absolutely on fire.

Success has not been a stranger to Doug, however.  If you’ll remember in his rookie year, Baldwin came into the league undrafted out of Standford and a virtual unknown to many teams, especially those on the east coast.  He was overlooked in the 2011 draft for a variety of the usual reasons.

He’s too short at 5’10 to play Wide Receiver.  I’m sure Russell Wilson knows his pain here.

He’s too light at 189lbs, he’s going to get beat up to easy as a result.  And he was to some extent in 2012.

He’s not fast enough…. blah blah blah, the list goes on.

Doug Baldwin took the league by storm in his rookie year, hauling in 51 catches, 4 TDs, and nearly 800 yards which gave him an average of over 15 yards per catch.  Not bad for a rookie who was too “whatever” and largely overlooked.

Injuries, particularly to his shoulder, really slowed Baldwin down in 2012 and his season stats reflect this as his stats were half of what they were in rookie season.

In 2013 a healthy Doug Baldwin has been an extremely productive Doug Baldwin as he has been really messing with defensive coordinators’ minds so far in the Seahawks‘ first three games.

Doug already has 9 catches for 177yds and a TD.  7 of those 9 came in the season opener against Carolina who has a pretty darn good defense.

Doug Baldwin

Seahawks Player Profile: Doug Baldwin

He is averaging nearly 20 yards per catch on the season.

He might have had only 1 catch a game against San Francisco and Jacksonville but they were for 51 yards and 35 yards respectively.

In other words:  Doug Baldwin is clearly healthy and is a genuine deep ball threat coming out of the slot.

The diving, 1 handed catch he made for 35 yard and a TD against Jacksonville might be one of the greatest catches I have seen any receiver make, for any team, in any season.

Baldwin is re-emerging himself as a truly great, slot, possession type, of receiver similar to the likes of Brandon Stokely, Wes Welker, or Bobby Engram.  Do you remember Mr. 3rd down Engram 12th man?

If you project Baldwin’s numbers out for the year he finishes with around 50 catches, 1000 yards, and 6 TDs for the year which really begs my next question.

What in the world are the Seahawks going to do when Percy Harvin returns?

I suppose it’s a great problem to have but I’m glad I’m not the one that is going to have to make that decision.

If you believe Harvin himself, he’ll be back in about a month.  I’m thinking it’s more like 6-8 more weeks personally, but regardless, Pete Carroll has one tough call coming in the not so distant future when it comes to Doug Baldwin’s playing time.


Check out this other great grab from Doug vs. the 49ers last year.

More please.


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  • dachwe

    Profiling Doug Baldwin and then showing a picture of Jermaine Kearse? Major Fail.

    • NWSportsBeat

      Jermaine wasn’t on the team when they wore the old uniforms….That’s Doug in 2011-12 with one of his 51 receptions.
      GO Hawks!

      • NWSportsBeat

        That’s you right? @DougBaldwinJr

    • NWSportsBeat
    • Brian

      Note the slate blue uniform. That is IN FACT, Doug Baldwin. Doug gave up #15 to Matt Flynn and took #89 when Flynn signed the big deal to come to Seattle. When Wilson won the job and Flynn departed after the season Baldwin never bothered to switch back. Kearse adopted #15 at the beginning of this year. Dachwe major fail at pointing fail.

    • Brian

      Any other questions Dachwe?

  • Hawkman54

    I think Baldwin should be looked at more . I hope they don’t force Harvin in when he returns and ease him in to learn his role.

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