Why the Seattle Seahawks are in the perfect position

Lots of options

The 2012 NFL Draft is this Thursday and the Seattle Seahawks are coming into the much awaited day in a really good position. I’m not just talking about their 12th overall pick, either.


Round 1: Thur., April 26, 8 ET
Rounds 2-3: Fri., April 27, 7 ET
Rounds 4-7: Sat., April 28, 12 ET
Radio City Music Hall, New York City

Pete Carroll and John Schneider have such flexibility where they stand, it reminds me of the offensive line they’ve put together. An offensive line where all the guys can rotate positions, seemingly with ease.

With the Seahawks sitting pretty where they’re at, I see 3 options in draft techniques.

Best Available

PCJS always says they are looking for the best guy available. So, at #12, there should be some REALLY good players available. Of course it depends on how the picks fall before them, but this draft class is strong overall and the Seahawks will have their pick of the litter come time to draft.

Pete Carroll, John Schneider Draft Room

It's that time of year and the Seahawks are sittin' pretty

It could bite them, though, if they’re not careful. The team has fallen in love with Texas A&M QB Ryan Tannehill. If Tannehill slips past Miami in the draft, be afraid of the possibility of Seattle grabbing him at #12.

Competition is good and all, coach, but you have 2 starters on your roster now. Strengthen another position.

Specific Choice

Sitting at #12, the Seahawks can essentially grab a player in the top 3 of their respective positions. If the Seahawks are looking for position rather than Best Available, they will have a lot of choices on their hands.

Do they grab a top 3 DE? The defensive end class this year is strong and the Seahawks could make a big splash.

How about a top 3 LB? With so many hybrid DE/LB in this draft, they could grab a top 3 versatile guy there.

Or will they go another position? Offensive Tackle? Cornerback? Wide Receiver?

They’ll have a top 3 choice no matter where they decide to focus on.

Trade Down

If you know anything about this front office regime, you know they LOVE their draft picks. And they love having as many as possible. They are astute in finding gems in the late rounds of the drafts, but early round picks are always welcomed as you could imagine.

The Seahawks could capitalize on the #12 pick by trading it away to a team with a late round pick and score several other picks later in the draft to add to their arsenal for the season.

A top 15 pick is highly coveted and the Seahawks could cash in big time. Especially with teams like New England and Cleveland having multiple 1st round picks this season.

No matter what Carroll and Schneider decide to do, the fan base has to stand by their decision. In years past, when the fan base doesn’t like a selection, they boo and criticize.

With these 2 men at the helm, there is no more reason for that.

Not only can they choose perfectly to fit their schemes and system, but it’s Pete Carroll. the guy can develop talent.

Did you read my 7 round Seahawks mock draft yet?


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