Seahawks TMQB (MMQB): Was Bevell drunk?

Seahawks beat Rams 14-9

I realize that St. Louis is known for their breweries and the game didn’t start until after 7:30 local time but that is no excuse for the drunken play calling of Seahawks OC Darrell Bevell.

Okay, so maybe he wasn’t drunk but he sure called the game like he was.  

Going into the game the Rams were near the bottom of the NFL against the run going into the game and Bevell decided it would be a good idea to throw the ball.

As bad as Darrell Bevell’s game-plan going into the game was his adjustments were even worse.  It reminded me of a NASCAR crew chief who needed to subtract wedge but instead added some and nearly caused the car to crash into the wall.

Luckily for the Seahawks their “Driver” was the NFL’s 2nd ranked defense and they narrowly avoided disaster.

Adjustments…or Lack thereof

The Rams were lining up with eight men in the box but at some point the Darrell needed to put in a run heavy formation and pound the ball at them.

Bevell...please do not forget about this man EVER again.

Bevell…please do not forget about this man EVER again.

Instead he decided to throw the ball.  I understand the thought process, initially at least.  If an opponent wants to crowd the line of scrimmage then throw the ball.

That works if receivers can get open and the offensive line can give the quarterback enough time to find those open receivers.

Instead the offensive line was allowing free rushers and Russell Wilson didn’t have enough time to find a receiver even if they did get open.

One would assume at that point an offensive coordinator would start running some screen passes or quick slants, or I don’t know, maybe a play action pass?

Oh yeah, you can’t run a play action pass when you’re unwilling to run the ball, yet Bevell tried and no defender was fooled.

At-least with Marshawn Lynch in the backfield the Rams would have had to account for them but instead Bevell decided to empty the backfield and try to hit the big play..

Meanwhile the Rams defensive ends were allowed to pin their ears back and rush Wilson.

After all he cannot hand the ball off to a running back who’s sitting on the sideline.

Now those same offensive lineman who couldn’t block the pass rush while the defense was playing the run first, and the pass second, were being asked to block those same defensive lineman when they didn’t have to respect the run.

As if that wasn’t a bad enough idea Darrell decided it would be a great idea to have his receivers run routes that take time to develop.  That meant he would need his swiss cheese offensive line to protect their prodigy quarterback for an extended amount of time when the defensive line knew he was going to throw before the offense even broke the huddle.

Earl Thomas had another outstanding game. (Photo:

Earl Thomas had another outstanding game. (Photo:

I cannot believe anyone would think that was a good idea yet somehow an offensive coordinator in the NFL did.

Bad situations

I could go into individual offensive player mistakes but they were put into a situation to fail and that is exactly what they did.

On the bright side Seattle didn’t turn the ball over.  For only the second time this season Russell Wilson didn’t fumble the ball even-though he was under constant pressure.  Hopefully that is a sign that he has been working on securing the football and we will see less football’s on the ground during the second half of the season.

Defensively the team played the pass well.  Bruce Irvin got his first career interception on a play he later admitted to reporters that Earl Thomas told him what route to watch for.  That is the one area of Bruce’s game I was concerned about with his transition from defensive end to linebacker.

Later in the game he bit hard on a play action pass and left his man wide open proving he still has some work to do.


Earl Thomas had another outstanding game.

Richard Sherman continued his season long pattern of going a game without an interception and following it up with a pick the next week.  The week following he does’t get an interception so he will be looking to buck that pattern next week against the Bucs.

This game was all about defense

If it wasn’t for another lights out performance by the Seahawks defense there is no way Seattle would be sitting at 7-1 halfway through the season.

It was very fitting that the game came down to a 4th and goal play with the Rams offense on the field.  As I mentioned above, the Seahawks offense had been hampered by poor play calling all game.

Not to be out done by Darrell Bevell, Rams offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer decided he would try to throw the ball into the end zone from inside the 2 yard line against the Legion of Boom.

Not once, but twice, including on 4th down.

St. Louis had run for 200 yards in the game yet Brian thought it was more realistic to try to throw a touchdown, in limited space against the leagues best secondary, than it was to run against a defense that was on the field most of the game and had shown they were wearing down.

Are Darrell and Brian from the same coaching tree?  If so, I say cut that sucker down!

A rough game but it the end it is all about that W.  The Seahawks managed to eek out a road win against a divisional opponent and that is what matters in the standings.

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Go Seahawks!


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