Russell Wilson’s sophomore season: jump or slump?

“Slump” Isn’t in Russell Wilson’s Vocabulary

Hey there sports fans. We now find ourselves in the…interesting time of professional sports.

The NBA season is over, we have a couple months until the NFL season starts, and we are approaching the MLB All Star break with the Mariners holding steady at third place in the AL West.

But fear not – there is plenty of buzz around the Seattle Seahawks to keep you entertained for the next [insert number here depending on when you read this] days before kickoff.

The question in Seattle is no longer do they have a chance? The real question now is, does anybody else?

The roster is there. Loaded with talent and starving for that Lombardi Trophy. The coaching staff is there. The right players are in the right positions.

It all comes down to one man. The future of Seattle, Russell Wilson. Is he ready to take that next step?

Not short on confidence

When asked about the coined term “sophomore slump,” Russell answered with confidence.

“I don’t know those words.”


Sophomore Slump? “I don’t know those words” says Wilson. (Photo:

He then went on with his Russell-Robotics explaining the only thing that matters is the present, working hard. Perfect answers with that infamous “Go Hawks” close.

Now everyone from Seattle is simply convinced that Russell Wilson is a god among men, and is the best quarterback in the world, and is going to hoist that Super Bowl trophy over his head at season’s end for years to come.

But why is he only #5 on the top 10 quarterbacks under 25 list? Why was Robert Griffin III anointed Rookie of the Year?

The typical Hawks-fan response is “They don’t show Seattle any love.”

And hey, I’m not disagreeing with that. But now that the Hawks are the team to beat on EVERYONE’s list. Will Russell climb to the top of their lists? Will he flourish in his sophomore season?


End of article.

No, but really, I am as biased as the next Seattlite. But there is literally nothing holding this young man back from becoming the top quarterback in this league.

Last year Russell didn’t really have a breakout game until week 6. Before the Patriots game, Russell was on somewhat of a leash by the coaching staff.

Okay Russell, now hand it to Marshawn. Good Russell!

Arguably the best quarterback in the league, Tom Brady came to Seattle to take on the Hawks. He scored early and often, and forced Seattle’s hand. They were forced to throw. And Russell let it fly!

You Mad Bro?

I would say that was the turning point for Russell’s confidence, but the young man has been confident since birth. He knows he can be the best, and he knows he works the hardest.

Even with limited opportunities Russell was given during the first half of the season, he still managed to top all rookie quarterbacks – EVER – with 26 touchdown passes.

Now don’t get me wrong, the offense revolves around Beast Mode.

But with the addition of Percy Harvin in the offseason – along with the maturity of the passing game as the season went on last year – there is no reason to think Russell won’t be getting 30+ pass attempts per game.

As of now, Russell apparently isn’t the best 2nd year quarterback in the league. Well, after next season, we will see if he doesn’t near the top of the list of ALL quarterbacks.

Sophomore slump? We don’t know those words.


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