Seahawks All-Offense Team: Part 2 of 2

WR, LT, RT, LG, RG, C, K

In part 1 I selected QB, RB, FB and 2 TE’s. This time around, we’ll run through the rest of the Seahawks‘ All-Offense team.

To recap:

QB – Matt Hasselbeck
RB – Curt Warner
FB – John L. Williams
TE – John Carlson
TE – Mike Tice

Wide Receiver

The first selection is a no-brainer.

Steve Largent, the best player to ever wear the blue and silver! (photo

Steve Largent, the best player to ever wear the blue and silver! (photo

It is hard to believe that Steve Largent was traded to the Seahawks for an 8th round draft choice.  During his Hall of Fame career Steve had  238 more reception, 5,369 more yards and 53 more touchdowns than any other Seahawk has had since.

None of those numbers will fall anytime soon either.

Currently the closest active Seahawks’ receivers is Golden Tate who needs 718 receptions, 11,792 yards and 90 touchdowns to tie Largent.

The second receiver was a lot tougher choice for me.  I was torn between Darrell Jackson and Brian Blades.  Darrell caught more touchdowns and averaged more yards per game than Brian, yet in the end I had to go with my gut, and my gut said Brian Blades.

This probably had a lot to do with it:

The Date:  October 29, 1989

The Place:  Seattle, Washington

The Event:  Division rival San Diego Chargers visit the Kingdome to take on the Seattle Seahawks.

My dad had purchased two tickets to that game so that he could take my older brother to a game for the second straight year.  As an 8 year old kid I didn’t realize that there were only two tickets that could be used so I asked my dad if I could go too.

To make a long story short my dad said his back hurt too much to make the trip from Spokane and sent his two sons to the game.  That was the first Seahawks game I ever attended. The underdog Seahawks were trailing late in the fourth quarter when Brian Blades caught the game winning touchdown from Dave Krieg.  That one play I will remember as well as any.

I have been fortunate enough to take my dad to several games over the past few year, including “Beastquake,”.  That said, I will never forget the sacrifice that he made so that I could go watch my favorite team play, and I will never be able to fully repay him.

For all my slot receiving duties I would definitely select Bobby Engram.

Left Tackle

I don’t care how good a quarterback is, he’s nothing without protection.  There is only one man I would ever want protecting the blind side of my quarterback.  That man is Walter Jones.

The Seahawks have had some great players over the years but Big Walt was the best.  Not only the best the Seahawks have ever had but he’s arguably the best tackle ever to live.

He wasn’t just a Seahawk while he played.  Now that he has retired he has become a fan of the team.  You can see him interacting with other fans via twitter @BigWalt71 and he even retweeted the first part of this piece.

He may be #71 in the rafters, and on twitter,  but he’ll always be #1 in our hearts.

Right Tackle

I don’t know what they are feeding offensive lineman in Alabama, but there must be some Seahawks Miracle-Gro in it.  My right tackle of choice is Howard Ballard who was born in Alabama, about 180 miles from where Walter Jones was born.

Howard was a two-time Pro-Bowler with the Buffalo Bills prior to joining the Seahawks in 1994.  Though he never had a chance to go to Hawaii as a Seahawk, he helped lead the Seahawks offense to a plentiful ground game.

  1. 1994 – 2nd in the NFL
  2. 1995 – 3rd in the NFL
  3. 1996 – 5th in the NFL
  4. 1997 – 13th in the NFL (Missed 6 games due to injury)
  5. 1998 – 22nd in the NFL (retired after the season)

Left Guard

Steve Hutchinson (

Steve Hutchinson (

Anyone who knows me knows how painful it is for me to put Steve Hutchinson on this team.  The fact remains that Seahawks have never had a better guard.  It is unfortunate that things ended the way they did in Seattle and a lot of us have such negative feelings towards him.

Right Guard

Since we already have 2 tackles from Alabama why not put in a guard from there as well?

Chris Gray wasn’t a flashy player by any stretch of the imagination.  He just brought his lunch pail to work every day and went about his business.

And I do mean every day.

During Gray’s 10 seasons in Seattle he was inactive for only 2 games.  He is the Seahawks’ Iron Man having started a team record 121 games.  I have to respect a guy like that.


Kevin Mawae is the best center the Seahawks have ever had, yet I cannot select him.  The problem is he left the team after just 2 seasons as a center in Seattle.

Like Mawae, Max Unger has only really started at center for 2 seasons but during that time he has earned Pro Bowl and 1st Team All-Pro honors.  He agreed to a contract extension that keeps him locked up through the 2016 season.

I know I’m going to catch some flack but I  just can’t go with Robbie Tobeck, despite his long tenure with the team.  I’m going with Max Unger.


Norm Johnson.

While doing this piece I watched hours of videos from the teams of Seahawks past.  I think this is the most fun I have ever had writing.  Although it took a long time to write because of that, it also gave me an opportunity to recall great memories from the past.

I could see some current offensive players cracking the list before their career is done but only time will tell.

Go Seahawks!


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