Seahawks All-Offense Team. Part 1 of 2

QB, RB, FB and TE

A lot of very talented players have worn a Seahawks jersey over the years.

It is impossible to compare two players who played in different eras (though I do compare stats a few times, thank you, so anytime a piece like this is written it has a lot to do with preference.

Rules change, supporting casts change, competition changes and coaching philosophies change.  

Not to mention advancements in training, equipment and playing surfaces.


There are really only three players who I feel deserve consideration at quarterback.

As a young man Jim Zorn was signed off waivers by Seattle. Jim started 100 games for the Seahawks but was unable to lead the team to any playoff appearances before being replaced.

He was never a Hall of Fame type player but he earned his place in the Seahawks Ring of Honor.

Dave Krieg replaced Jim Zorn and immediately took the Seattle Seahawks to the playoffs for the first time in team history. Later that postseason Krieg led the Seahawks to their first and only AFC Championship game.

All that said, Dave fumbled the ball too much for me pick him number one.

I have to select Matt Hasselbeck.

I don’t think you can fully rely on stats, however it is hard to argue with the accomplishments of Matt’s 10 year career in Seattle.

Hasselbeck is at the top, or near the top, of just about every quarterback career stat for the team.

  • Most starts – 131
  • Most Completions – 2559
  • Highest completion % by any QB with over 400 attempts – 60.2
  • Most yards – 29,434
  • Most yards per game – 213.3
  • Most Playoff wins – 5
  • 2nd most wins – 69 (Krieg 70)
  • 2nd most touchdowns – 174 (Krieg 195)
  • 2nd highest completion % by QB with more than 20 starts

Not only has Matt Hasselbeck won more playoff games than any other Seahawks’ quarterback, he is the only one who has ever brought the team to a Super Bowl.


Jim Zorn was the first, but may not have been the best. (Photo: Google)

We all know he deserved a 6th win, but we wont get into that.

Running back

My favorite Seahawks running back of all-time is Chris Warren. I just loved watching him run. Nevertheless, I have to give the edge to Curt Warner.

Curt Warner was a star from day one. He rushed for 1,449-yards his rookie season and helped carry the team to the AFC Championship game.

He may not have had the numbers that Shaun Alexander had, but he never ran behind Walter Jones and Steve Hutchinson either. He also fought for every yard he could get every time he touched the ball.


This one is hard for me. Do I go with the FB who was a smash mouthed blocker or do I go with the versatile player who was just as dangerous with the ball as a half back is?

I chose to go with the versatile John L. Williams over Mack Strong.

Williams was extremely dangerous as a receiver out of the backfield. To put it in perspective, I decided to compare him to the Seahawks 2012 receivers. Again, different era, but Williams did play in the era of the “Ground Chuck” offense in Seattle.

Last season Sidney Rice led the team with 50 reception. As a fullback John L. had more receptions than Rice did last year in 6 out of his 8 seasons in Seattle.

Williams may have never broken the 700-yard mark, like Sidney did last year. That said, in all but his rookie season Williams’ receiving yardage would have been enough to put him 3rd on the 2012 team.

John L. Williams was so successful catching the ball out of the backfield that he is currently 6th on the Seahawks all-time receiving yards list.

In between blocking and all that receiving, he even found the time to rush for the 4th most yards in team history.

Tight End


Curt Warner, the first great running back on the Seahawks. (Photo: Google)

Just in case the Seahawks All-Offense Team needs to run the jumbo package, I felt that I needed to add two tight ends to the team.

I decided that I should pick one who excelled as a receiver, and another one who excelled as a blocker.

It is very apparent that the Seahawks have been pretty lean at the tight end position over the years.

Since I am selecting one TE based on pass receiving ability along I am going to have to choose John Carlsondespite his limited time with the team.

John is the only Seahawks’ tight end to ever lead the team in receptions, receiving yards or receiving touchdowns in a season. John was able to accomplish all three his rookie year.

In 2008, Carlson had 9 more receptions and 138 more yards than Bobby Engram, and his 5 touchdowns enough to beat out Deion Branch.

As for the teams blocking tight end I have to give the nod to Mike Tice.

I was hoping to find some video of Mike’s blocking to add to this piece, unfortunately it seems as though the 80’s Seahawks teams are very limited in their appearances on YouTube.

I did find a video from the 1985 team that I had to share in which Mike makes a few appearances.

In Part 2 I will cover wide receivers, and offensive lineman. Feel free to leave your comments on who you would replace if you disagree or who you agree with.

Hope you enjoyed the video as much as I did.

Go Seahawks!


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  • Pacific NW Mark

    I love Matt Hasselbeck but how can Dave Krieg not have the top spot here?

    Team career leader in touchdowns, higher QB rating (just slightly, but still), and IMO did more with less tools than Hasselbeck enjoyed when he was here. In 1984, Curt Warner goes down with an ACL injury in game one, Chuck Knox retools the offense and Krieg throws for 3,000 yards, leading the ‘Hawks to a 12-4 record.

    Krieg did fumble – a lot – but only (!) 108 of his career 153 fumbles were with Seattle.

    Of course if Hasselbeck would have won Superbowl XL this would be moot.

    • Brett Bivens

      I never felt comfortable with him behind center while he played so I couldn’t pick him. I also think that Krieg had a lot better targets to throw to than Matt ever did.
      I can’t fault you for picking Dave, I just can’t. He is one of my favorite players off the field though.
      Thank you for your comment. Go Seahawks!

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