Seahawks MMQB: Comeback kids

Seahawks 4-0 for 1st time

After the game I was having a conversation about dramatic victories the Seahawks have had in the recent years.  I threw out the fact that the Bears game was the turning point of last season. It was also Russell Wilson‘s coming out party as he grew from the Seahawks starting quarterback to a household name.

Because of those reasons I said it was the most dramatic.

After the conversation though I might have to lean towards this game being a more important come from behind victory.

Yes, that was a great moment for Wilson and the 2012 Seattle Seahawks but Sunday’s victory over the Texans was as historical as it was dramatic.  Of course we don’t know what the season will bring but it has been a great start!

We are not talking about historical as far as the NFL is concerned, however, it sure was historical for the franchise.  For the first time in 38 seasons the Seahawks are 4-0.

It won’t be an easy task to be 5-0 after next week but for now we can bask in the victory that was.


I have to admit I did not expect the game to go into overtime, especially how lop-sided it looked as far into the game as halfway through the third quarter.  I did however expect a close game with a spectacular finish.

In my “Seahawks blueprints to victory” piece I wrote:

I look for a close game where the Seahawks are trailing until late in the 4th quarter.  That is when Russell Wilson leads the team down the field and scores the game winning touchdown with less than six minutes left on the clock. Seattle win 24-21

Because of that I felt pretty confident going into the second half despite trailing by 17 points.

Huge impact play by Smith forcing the Tate fumble.

Huge impact play by Smith forcing the Tate fumble.

But then…

After the half the Seahawks came out as flat as they started the game and it seemed like the chances of victory were fading away.

But then…

The defense started to tighten up.

Even then…

When Malcolm Smith forced Ben Tate to fumble and Bobby Wagner recovered at the Houston 21 the offense couldn’t gain a single yard the Seahawks had to settle for a Steven Hauschka field goal.

But then…

The dramatic touchdown came, instead of by Wilson as predicted it came at the hands of Richard Sherman.  Richard intercepted a Matt Schaub pass and returned it 58-yards, without his right cleat.

Steven Hauschka‘s extra point tied up the game at 20.

And then…

Hauschka and his lights out leg won the game for the Seahawks with a 45-yard field goal in over time.

The game within the game

That interception came just 5 plays after Russell Wilson threw an interception of his own.  It appeared that Wilson had just thrown the game away when he was picked off by Texans’ cornerback Johnathan Joseph.

Richard Sherman, Seattle Seahawks

Sherman said the Seahawks knew this play was coming.

I’m reminded of the press conference Richard Sherman gave after the 49ers game when he stood up at the podium and told us that if Wilson struggles the defense wants to pat him on the back and shut the opposing team’s offense down.

Sunday Sherman did exactly what he said he wanted to do.  More than anything else that proves what a leader Russell Wilson is and how much he means to his teammates.

That is a degree of respect that is not given, it is earned.

A rough performance

Any road win in the NFL is a good win but the Seahawks played nearly 3 quarters of pretty poor football.  I love the fact that they never gave up.  I also love that they always believed they would come back and win the game.

We all know however, if they continue to start so slowly it will bite them at some point this season.

Looking at the box score, without knowing the game score, would lead anyone to believe the Seahawks lost this game.  In the NFL a team will not win many games with 21% third dow efficiency.

It played a big factor in the Texans winning the time of possession by over 8 minutes and running 30 more offensive plays than the struggling Seahawks.

Sunday’s performance by Russell Wilson was his worst game since last seasons loss to the 49ers in San Francisco.  I’m not placing blame on Russell just pointing out how rough the game was.

The fans

I would like to give the Texans’ fans a shout out for being really involved in the game early and making things very difficult for a team who was without their starting left tackle, left guard (Paul McQuistan slid from left guard to left tackle to replace Okung), center and right tackle.

As momentum shifted they didn’t stay in the game.  More troubling is that by the end of the game I heard reports that Houston fans were burning Matt Schaub jerseys in the parking lot.

That is a disgrace.

Matt threw for 355 yards against the best secondary in the NFL.  A team that hadn’t given up 300-yards to any quarterback this year and only did twice last season.

Those quarterbacks were Matthew Stafford and Tom Brady.

That means Schaub did what Tony Romo, Aaron Rodgers, Cam Newton (twice), Colin Kaepernick (three times), Robert Griffin and Matt Ryan could not accomplish.

I understand being frustrated by a heartbreaking loss but everyone involved in jersey burning should be very ashamed of themselves.

Enough about the Texans, now on to Indy.

Go Seahawks!


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