Seahawks MMQB: Humbled at home

Seahawks lose at home to Cardinals 10-17

The Seattle Seahawks did a few things they are not accustomed to doing on Sunday.

They lost a game at home.  

Russell Wilson lost a game at CenturyLink Field for the first time in his career.  Steven Hauschka missed a field goal, his first true miss of the season.  Hauschka also missed an extra point but a penalty on the defense negated it.

For the third week in a row the Seahawks offense looked anemic.  In San Francisco they had 264 yards in total offense while going 5-12 on third downs.  The following week at MetLife they had 327 total yards but managed only 3-13 in third down situations.

Sunday things got even worst as they only managed 192 yards of total offense and were a gobsmacking 2-13 on third downs.

The Seahawks offense were unable convert a third down after the 1st quarter.  Actually, both third down conversions came on one drive.  The drive where Steven Hauschka kicked his field goal.  Both conversions came off of Russell Wilson passes.


Here is where I complain about Darrell Bevell’s play calling.  I went through and looked at the third down play calling and out of 13 attempts the Seahawks ran the ball exactly 0 times.  Five of those attempts were with three yards or less needed to move the chains.

I get that the Cardinals are the NFL‘s best team against the run but at some point you have to run to keep them honest if nothing else.  By the time the third and forth quarter rolled around the Cardinals’ defense was able to pin back their ears and go after Russell Wilson on third down.

I am not putting all the offensive struggles on Darrell Bevell’s shoulders.  The offensive players had a lot of opportunities they literally let slip by their hands.

The Hulk

Speaking of things slipping out of their hands, lets talk about Robert Turbin.  He has even less business returning kicks than teammate Jermaine Kearse who has no business returning them.  I know his biceps didn’t really cause the fumble but hearing the announcer say that nearly made me spit out my drink.

As soon as the coaches pulled Turbin and inserted Doug Baldwin into the role they were able to get some return yardage.

On a challenge the referee must see "indisputable visual evidence"

On a challenge the referee must see “indisputable visual evidence”

I saw a lot of people blaming officials for the loss but that is not and excuse for the lack of execution.  In particular a lot of the 12th man is blaming the interception that Russell Wilson threw on the final Seahawks offensive play on poor officiating.


I honestly cannot blame them for that call.  Two officials disagreed as to whether the pass was an interception or if it had hit the ground prior to bouncing up into the air.

Clearly the official who thought the ball bounced off of Doug Baldwin‘s arm had a more convincing argument because the call on the field was an interception.

On a challenge the referee must see “indisputable visual evidence” that the play on the field was the incorrect call to overturn it.  Think of innocent until proven guilty.

From the replays that we saw on the broadcast I never saw a frame where I can clearly see the ball on the ground despite it looking like it probably did.

Well, just like a prosecutor cannot get a conviction because a suspect probably committed a crime, a referee cannot overturn a call on the field because a ball probably hit the turf.  He isn’t allowed to project.

Doug Baldwin had this to say this AM about that call via twitter.

I feel the same way about the Cardinals fumble earlier in the game that Michael Bennett came up with.  I did not see the ball out before the knee hit the ground with absolute certainty.  I think that was a fumble, just like I thought the Baldwin pass was incomplete, but I saw nothing to overturn the call.

Had one of those plays been called in the Seahawks favor I doubt they would have been overturned either.

A few times the Seahawks had difficulty wrapping up the ball carrier but for the most part they played well until they wore down.  It was clearly frustration from the game that led to the Tony McDaniel‘s personal foul penalty late in the game.

Richard Sherman jumped his case for it, which he should have, but personally I cannot blame him.

I saw some interior line holding throughout the game that wasn’t called but I was hoping to see the Seahawks defense rack up a few more sack against an immobile quarterback with a bum ankle than they were able too.

They got some decent pressure but the just couldn’t get home which was frustrating to watch.

No bones about it, it was a though loss and I’m extremely frustrated.  That said, every goal the Seahawks had at the beginning of the season is still in front of them.  One more team must come into Seattle and beat the Seahawks to keep them out of the Super Bowl.

Maybe Sunday’s loss will be used as a reminder to the team that they can lose any Sunday, even at CenturyLink.  Maybe they will use it as motivation.

Through that frustration I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

That light is the realization that the Seahawks only need to win 4 more games to finally hold a Lombardi Trophy.  

The team is still in great shape.

Go Seahawks!


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