Seahawks MMQB: Touchdown gate. Hawks win 14-12!

The Day After

Obviously, everyone is talking about the final offensive play of the game between the Packers and the Seattle Seahawks.  Was it a touchdown?  Was it an interception?

I’ll add in my two cents, but first I would like to shed light on something that has been lost in all of the commotion.

When you remove all of the controversy of bad calls, you are left with an outstanding football game, and I just have to say, “How Bout That Defense?”

Defense Ruled The Day

The Seattle Seahawks and the Green Bay Packers played a defensive battle on Monday Night Football at CenturyLink Field in Seattle, Washington.

Chris Clemons

Chris Clemons’ had four sacks in the first half. (Photo John Lok

How about Earl Thomas even showing up to play?  His first born, daughter Kaleigh, came into this world about 15 minutes before kick off.

This morning Earl Tweeted:

“My baby girl will be born today…she knew daddy has a big game tonight she didn’t wanna miss it…”

Seahawks first round draft pick, Bruce Irvin, had two sacks under the lights Monday.  Bruce now leads all rookies in sacks.

Of course that effort was overshadowed by fellow Seahawks defensive end Chris Clemons‘ four sacks in the first half, including picking up a sack on back to back plays.

Clemons’ 5 sacks trail only JJ Watt of Houston (5.5), and Clay Matthews of Green Bay (6.0) in the NFL.  Looks like Chris is trying to earn every penny of the new contract extension that he received.

The Seahawks’ defense ended up with 8 sacks in total for the game.

The Packers defense was absolutely amazing, especially in the second half.  They held the Seahawks offense 9 out of 11 times when the Seahawks were faced with a third down situation.

Russell Wilson only threw for 130 yards.  Russell did have a couple touchdown passes to Golden Tate and a passer rating of 99.3.

The questionable calls were many

Most will focus on the final play of the game, but let us not forget the Green Bay Packers’ touchdown drive was extended due to a questionable pass interference call on Kam Chancellor.

In my opinion, that too was a bad call.

Golden Tate

Sorry Seahawks fans, that final play was an interception by MD Jennings.

Had Chancellor not been flagged, the Packers would have been forced to punt and the Seahawks would have had the lead 7-6, as opposed to being down 7-12 midway through the 4th quarter.

The Catch/Interception

I’m sorry Seahawks fans, that final play was an interception by MD Jennings.  

Jennings got control of the ball first, he brought it into his body and held on through the whole process.

Golden Tate removed his right hand from the ball at one point.

Even if Tate had caught the ball cleanly, it shouldn’t have been a touchdown.

Tate clearly pushed off, consequently making offensive pass interference.

Seahawks fans, we know how it feels to have a bad call cost us a win.

Although, it is possible to argue, had the game been called well earlier the Seahawks wouldn’t have been forced to throw that Hail-Mary pass.

It is pretty clear that a terrible call at the end of the game changed the outcome.

I would urge you to stay classy towards Packers fans and remember how it feels.

Packers fans, remember, the 12th man had a Super Bowl stolen from us.  You don’t need to act like it is the end of the world.

I pray to the football gods that you never have to feel what we felt on February 5, 2006.


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  • acctually it wasnt an interception because tate gaine joint possesion before jennings feet came down. it was a td watch his feet

  • tates feet were down first and when he reaches his right hand to give him joint control(which did give him that) jennings had at least 1 foot in the air. since tate an jennigs both had control of the ball and tates feet where down first so it was a TD

  • Alex, regardless of your interpretation on who had possession Tate was clearly guilty of offensive pass interference which should have ended the game.

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