Seahawks MMQB: Sloppy in Seattle

Seahawks beat Titans 20-13

Usually when we talk about “Sloppy in Seattle” we are referring to Seattle’s rainy, dreary weather.  That wasn’t the case on Sunday, in-fact Seahawks fans couldn’t have asked for a much better day to play the game.

Instead it was the play on the field that was sloppy and at times downright stupid.

What the heck was going on?

Richard Sherman, a typically brilliant young man, set the tone early when he stood out-of-bounds and hit Tennessee Titans’ quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick.  Sherman knows better than that.  There is no way the officials weren’t going to throw a flag on that play.

There are typically two reasons a receiver reaches the ball out away from his body.  Either he is reaching for the 1st down marker or a touchdown.  On Sunday Sidney Rice added a third category, let us call it stupidity.

Maybe a bit harsh but anytime anyone puts anything at risk with absolutely no chance of any gain it is stupid.

If you don’t believe me I challenge you to send me a $100 bill at the risk that I may or may not return it.  

However nothing else will be in the envelope if I do decide to return it.  That is not much different from what Sidney Rice did when he reached the ball out for any Titan to take away.

Late in the game Rice did make a great catch along the sideline setting the team up for Marshawn Lynch‘s second and game-winning touchdown.

The Seahawks managed two takeaways during the game.

The Seahawks managed two takeaways during the game. (Photo:

It wasn’t just the players either  

Darrell Bevell made mistakes in his play calling.  I swear he didn’t watch any defensive film on the Titans.  One of the top two things that stood out on film to me was their ability to completely smother receivers running quick slant routes.

The first two drives ended with incomplete passes because Bevell tried to move the sticks using a quick slant.  Nothing against the Seahawks receivers but Percy Harvin is the only guy on the team that I would attempt that with.

Oh No He Didn’t?!

My what the heck were you thinking moment has to go to Darrell Bevell for his final play call of the 1st half.  The Seahawks had 20 seconds left on the game clock from inside the Titans 9 yard-line with no timeouts left.

Even without any timeouts they had more than enough time to take three shots in the end zone.  Instead Darrell called a short swing pass to Robert Turbin.

That wasted all their time and forced the Seahawks to attempt a field goal.

That field goal attempt was a cluster intimate encounter to say the least.

Steven Hauschka was out of the game undergoing concussion testing after being drilled by Darius Reynaud on a kick return.  Hauschka’s holder, Jon Ryan, is also the teams backup kicker which left backup free safety Chris Maragos to handle the holding duties.

After miss-handling the snap Chris, for reasons unknown to anyone, attempted to throw the ball into the air with no time left on the clock, and no receivers to throw the ball to.  All he needed to do was cover the ball and both teams were headed into the tunnel for the half.

Instead the ball was stripped out of his hand and returned for a touchdown which gave the Titans a lead at the break.

Adding to all of the issues was Robert Turbin.  During a 2 minute offense Robert Turbin should be on the bench.  His complete lack of situational awareness is astounding.

I have to give Pete Carroll credit for going for a touchdown on 4th and goal during the first half.  At the time I disagreed with the play call, I still do…however Marshawn Lynch scored a touchdown on the play so clearly I was wrong.

Unfortunately after a holding penalty by James Carpenter...

Unfortunately after a holding penalty by James Carpenter…

I would have kicked the ball (Steven Hauschka was still in the game) without hesitation because the offensive line was struggling to get any push.


During the first half the Seahawks were forced to pull Brandon Browner because he was getting attacked and was having no success defending.

I think it was a smart decision by the Seahawks coaching staff.

If a player isn’t cutting it there is nothing wrong with pulling him out of the game and having a conversation with him in hopes of getting him refocused and to understand what the other team is doing to expose that player.

After the half the Pete Carroll put him back in the game and Browner played much better.

The Seahawks managed two takeaways during the game.  Both were interceptions by the Legion of Boom.  

The first came on a play where Fitzpatrick overthrew his receiver and Earl Thomas III stood in centerfield and said, “Don’t mind if I do.”

Unfortunately after a holding penalty by James Carpenter the team was forced to punt and the offense squandered the field position Earl had given them.

Sherman had the teams second interception.  He basically ran the route for the receiver and, for reason’s unknown to me, Fitzpatrick still thought it was a good idea to throw the ball.

Interestingly enough it was the first time all game Fitzpatrick tried to complete a pass against Sherman.

I would like to take a moment to congratulate Jordan Hill on his first career sack.  Technically he shared the sack with Chris Clemons.  I am sure when he tells his grandkids about how his first sack came the story will be missing that minor detail.

A win is a win is a win

The Seahawks made the win a lot harder than it had to be.  Not to take anything away from the Titans but the game was only close because Seattle was battling themselves all game.

Going into the game I expected the Seahawks to play inspired football after suffering their first loss of the season.

That sure didn’t happen.

At the end of the day a win is a win and I’ll take every win I can get.

Go Seahawks!


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