Seahawks MMQB: Engine stalls in Indy

Seattle loses 34-28

Boy was I wrong in my prediction of this game.

On “Blueprints to Victory” I predicted that the Seahawks would easily win the game 27-10.  That was based on the Colts I watched during their first 4 games of the season.

What we saw on Sunday was a much better Colts team, a much better offense and definitely a much better Andrew Luck.

If you look at the stat line it looks like Luck had a very mediocre game.  That was not exactly the case.  Andrew was spot on in his deep ball placement.  Before the game I wrote that he was no Peyton Manning but I have never seen anyone place a ball more perfectly than Andrew Luck did on a couple of his throws.

Mister Luck also avoided throwing into coverage against the Legion of Boom.  Part of that was due to him being smarter with the football.

It is pretty clear that Andrew has a lot of respect for the Seahawks defense which led him to take fewer chances with the ball than he had earlier in the season.  The Colts’ wide receivers also did a fantastic job winning their battles which gave Andrew a lot of open targets to throw to.

I saw Richard Sherman get turned around on multiple occasions during the game.  That is something that doesn’t happen very often.

After the game there was a lot of chatter about the officiating, which granted wasn’t very good, but it isn’t the reason the Seahawks lost the game.  Granted the push-off call on Golden Tate was ridiculous.

Sowas the no call on Chris Clemons when he hit Andrew Luck in the head and then stripped the ball.

Luck was great in the second half vs. the Seahawks blitzing.

Luck was great in the second half vs. the Seahawks blitz.

Were there more missed calls against the Seahawks than the Colts? Probably.

Especially the missed Colts’ offensive pass interference on the 2-point conversion. It’s still not the reason the Seahawks lost the game.

2-12 3rd down efficiency.  That’s right, 83% of the time when the Seahawks offense was faced with a third down it didn’t go well for them.

Ultimately the Seahawks lost because they couldn’t finish.

On the flip side the Seahawks defense couldn’t get off the field allowing a conversion rate of 58%.

That is just not Seahawks football.

When an offense can’t convert on third down it makes it extremely difficult to finish drives.  Time after time Seahawks drives went down the field and stalled out.

To make matters worse it was painfully obvious field goals were not going to be enough to win the game.  Great effort though Mr. Hauschka.

With the way the Colts offense was having no trouble finding the end zone three points just weren’t going to be enough.

Post Game

I was disappointed in Golden Tate during his press conference after the game.  Several times he not so subtlety blamed the officiating for the loss.

How about the two very catchable balls he dropped in the second half?  Just sayin’…

Tate did mention the team should not give the officials a chance to effect the game.  That is the key right there.  If the Seahawks had all done their jobs then non of the calls the officials made, or didn’t make, would have impacted the final outcome.

Instead we saw dropped balls, blown coverages, missed tackles, missed opportunities and a game slip away.

It is one game, one game that the team can choose to complain about or pull together and learn from.  My guess is that this loss will just stoke the fire in this extremely talented roster.

I seriously feel sorry for the Titans next week.  

The Seahawks are going to be happy to be home and wanting to take some frustrations from Sunday’s loss out on someone.

The 12th man will be looking to burn off some steam as well.  It is going to be loud in CenturyLink Field.

Just 1 loss

The game is over now and the team has suffered their first loss of the season.

You can’t win them all, well I guess technically you can.  No team has done it since the NFL season was expanded to 16 games.  When the 1972 Miami Dolphins went undefeated and went on to win Super Bowl VII they were playing a 14 game schedule.

The New England Patriots came very close in 2007 when they won all 16 games during the regular season but then stumbled in Super Bowl XLII when they lost to the New York Giants.

This year the goal for the Seahawks is to win the Super Bowl.  There is enough pressure surrounding the big game without adding the type of pressure associated with being on the crux of perfection.

It was a tough game on the road against a quality opponent.  Let us leave it at that and move forward.

If you want to see any of Q’s PFF stats for the Seahawks vs. Colts game check out his twitter timeline from this AM. A TON of great info for Hardcore Hawks fans.

Go Seahawks!


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