Seahawks (Friday) MMQB: At home in the desert

Seahawks win 34-22

I have watched a lot of Arizona Cardinals’ games over the years but I can’t remember the last time I heard the University of Phoenix Stadium as loud as it was tonight while the Cardinals were on offense.  It really sounded like the Seahawks were the home team, not the Cardinals.

Seattle played like it too as they jumped out to an early 14 point lead.

“Road Cookin”

That is an amazing accomplishment by the 12th man.  It’s just my opinion, but a lot of the fans attending away games are what some might call “bandwagon fans.”  Those fans won’t get the same enjoyment out of a Championship that those of us who bleed blue and green will but they can help us realize our goal, and it was a great showing Thursday night.

I welcome them with open arms because they help the team travel.  Every Seahawks fan, whether they have been a fan for 5 weeks or 30 years, that cheer the team to victory, especially on the road, is all right with me.

That is how you wind up getting a Seahawks chant going in Arizona.

Clearly those fans are the ones who held the 12th man flag upside down are from the bandwagon though.

Ball security has been an issue lately.

Ball security has been an issue lately. (Photo:

Red Siren

I am in the minority when I say I like the idea of the Cardinals’ “Red Siren.”  It is something special for them much like the Seahawks raising of the 12th man flag with a different unique twist.

They didn’t copy the Seahawks like the Titans did.

I hope that the “Red Siren” sounds a lot better in person than it did on TV.  Maybe Kurt Warner just doesn’t have what it takes to crank the handle because it sounded like a giant mammal dying.

Hold onto the ball

Ball security has been an issue lately.  On Thursday the Seahawks had 4 offensive fumbles, 3 by Russell Wilson and 1 by Marshawn Lynch who recovered his own. Two of Wilson’s fumbles were recovered by the Cardinals deep in Seahawks territory.

I like Wilson but he has to start protecting the ball better.  I hear a lot of excuses about the line breaking down but that is just an excuse. Even he admits that he needs to do a better job.  Three of his eight fumbles came against the Cardinals Thursday night.

Seven games into the season Russell already has more fumbles than he did all of last year.


Lately I have been really harsh on Sidney Rice but tonight he really came to play.  Rice had 3 receptions for 50-yards including a 31 yard touchdown.  On the play Russell Wilson scrambled right and threw the ball to Sidney.  Both players realized the safety bit on Rice’s curl route and were on the same page. Touchdown Seahawks!

That was one of those plays that come from chemistry between a quarterback and his receiver.

Sidney made a great catch to extend a drive too.  Not only was he able to dive to the ground for the reception but had the field presence to keep his feet from touching the field before his knee did because his feet were out of bounds while his knees weren’t.

Play Calling

Every game it is the same thing.

11 days between their Thursday night victory in Arizona and their game in St. Louis

11 days between their Thursday night victory in Arizona and their game in St. Louis (Photo:

The Seahawks have the ball 3rd or 4th and short and Darrell Bevell refuses to use Marshawn Lynch to run for a first down.  I want to see them pounding the ball against every defense in that situation.

Even if Bevell isn’t going to run it he should have! Marshawn Lynch in the game to keep the defense honest.

The empty backfield looks are getting old.

Did anyone else see Lynch flip off the sideline after his near touchdown run when they lined up the next play? Tell me he’s not frustrated.

Come on Darrell, let the Beast eat!

Despite the victory I still say the Seahawks should have run the ball more during the game.  Maybe they would have if Derrick Coleman hadn’t hurt his hamstring in the first half.

The D

The Seahawks defense brought the heat.  By the end of the night they had sacked Carson Palmer 7 times (a season high for the Seahawks) while hitting him 13 times.  The best part was the pressure was coming from everywhere.  In-fact no Seahawks defender had more than 1.0 sacks in the game.  

Michael Bennett led the game with 2 hits on an opposing quarterback. Need more stats check out our editor Q’s Twitter timeline.


Last week Pete Carroll pulled Brandon Browner out of the game because he was being dominated.  On Thursday he made several big plays including a pass deflection that Earl Thomas cleaned up with an interception along the sideline.


Golden Tate is turning into a pretty good punt returner however he has got to stop fielding punts inside his own 5-yard line. Later in the game he broke a big return for a touchdown but Mike Morgan was called for an illegal block in the back on the play.

The worst part of the penalty was that the block wasn’t necessary for the touchdown.

If you have a facebook account check out the great Tate almost TD .gif here.

I am a fan of Jermaine Kearse yet I don’t like what I see from him as a kick returner.  A kick returner needs to attack the coverage unit and run straight at them with reckless abandon.  Kearse tends to run 2/3 speed and look for an opening.

More often than not it leads to him being tackles short of the 20.  I just don’t think he has a kick returners mentality.  As a receiver Jermaine made one of the most spectacular lays of the game when he showed the situational awareness of a 10 year veteran by diving to the sidelines to stop the clock in the 2 minute offense.

Now the Seahawks practically have a bye week as there are 11 days between their Thursday night victory in Arizona and their game in St. Louis on Monday night.

After playing half of their road games the Seahawks are 3-1 away from CenturyLink, not too shabby!

Go Hawks!


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    I grew up with those kids holding up that flag and they forsure are not bandwagon fans. They are born and raised in Seattle. Holding a flag upside down on accident does not make you a bandwagon fan…

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