Seahawks MMQB: Super Bowl Championship Monday!

Seahawks win Super Bowl XLVIII 43-8

After 30 years of being a diehard Seattle Seahawks fan I have finally reached the pinnacle.  I always knew that one day we would finally hoist the Lombardi Trophy even during the darkest days.

The Behring era was brutal, Jim Mora’s season as the head coach was disastrous, but all of those years make this Championship even more exciting than it would be had I not had to sit through the 2-14 type seasons.

You cannot fully enjoy the thrill of victory without first knowing the agony of defeat.

What a weekend!

On Saturday Walter Jones was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame and became the first Seahawk to be honored in their first year of eligibility.  We got to celebrate again Sunday when the Hawks destroyed the Denver Broncos on the biggest stage in football.

They did it using all three phases of the game.

No offense to those who celebrate the Lunar New Year but this is not the year of the horse, this is the year of the SEAHAWK!

And let’s not forget that David Stern is finally no longer the dictator of the NBA.  Maybe now Seattle can finally get the Basketball team they deserve.

Recap The Day

I arrived at Met Life Stadium at about 2:30 ET yesterday and was surprised to see that at least 2/3 of the fans were wearing Broncos’ colors.  I wasn’t too worried at that point in time because I know how the 12th man likes to party before the game then show up closer to game time.

By 5:30 ET, an hour before kickoff, it was obvious that the 12th man outnumbered Broncos’ fans.

I have a question about MetLife’s seats, why couldn’t they buy one color?  Did they get them at the wholesale market or something?  Even if they did why not create a pattern of some kind with them?

A higher intensity and more urgency than I have ever seen before

A higher intensity and more urgency than I have ever seen before

Instead the seat colors are random throughout the stadium.  It felt pretty awkward.  MetLife is a nice stadium but it is rather simplistic in overall design.  I would say that the stadium itself feels smaller than CenturyLink but they have 15,000 more seats than Seattle.  The way they accomplished that was to make the seats incredibly skinny.

I’m a big guy so I expected them to feel small but even the average sized fans were complaining about how tight they were. My other complaint was the concessions.  At CenturyLink Field there are a lot of local places to eat inside the stadium like a burger joint, a hot dog stand or even a place to get some teriyaki.  At Met life you have a standard concession stand and that is about it.


The halftime show was amazing.  Bruno Mars is an excellent performer and he sounded really good in person which I have found to be a rarity.  The fireworks were out of this world spectacular and I could actually feel the heat from them.

There is too much to write about the fan experience to fit it all in this piece so for now I’ll leave it at that and switch gears a bit to actual football.


Before the game I was watching the Seahawks warm up.  They had a higher intensity and more urgency than I have ever seen before.  It clearly translated to the field.  From the opening kickoff it was evident that Seattle came to play.

The game was completely dominated by the Seahawks in all three phases of the game.  I am looking forward to sitting down and watching the game on TV and especially the All-22 so I can fully digest this great victory.

Early on I noticed Russell Wilson was having a little bit of difficulty dealing with his nerves.  As soon as he hit Doug Baldwin down the near sideline with a touch pass over the defense his nerves disappeared.

All of a sudden it all came back to him, “The field is 100-yards by 53 1/3.”

After that point he transformed into iRobot Wilson.  Russell Wilson, who was drafted in the third round of the 2012 NFL Draft, now has as many Super Bowl victories as the rest of the quarterback in his draft class have playoff wins.

He now hold the most regular season wins, as well as total wins, for any quarterback in the history of the game during their first two seasons.

He also has as many Super Bowl victories as Peyton Manning and Dan Marino combined.


The Seahawks may have gotten to the Super Bowl without Percy Harvin but he was a big factor in the Super Bowl.   He may have only 1 reception for 5 yards but the Broncos had to keep a constant eye on him after he broke a 30-yard end around during the Seahawks first drive.

To start the second half it was clear the Broncos wanted to keep the ball out of Harvin’s hands.  Matt Prater actually did a very nice job of kicking the ball to the second level of the return team but Percy didn’t panic.

All night the Broncos had to keep a constant eye on #11

All night the Broncos had to keep a constant eye on #11

Often times a returner will run straight at the ball and try to field it cleanly but lose control by doing so or risk coming up just short and having the ball bounce away from them..  In the biggest stage Percy Harvin had ice water running through his blood as he sat back and let the ball bounce before he reacted.

It felt like it took forever for the ball to come back down to Harvin but as soon as it did Percy shot out like a rocket and 12 seconds, and a broken tackle or two, later he was in the end zone.

Point of note:  The Seahawks scored a safety 12 seconds into the first half which was the fasted any team had ever scored in a Super Bowl.

It was all about the power of 12’s this week.

I have stayed in two New York City hotel rooms since arriving on Tuesday.  Both room numbers have ended in 12.  I looked at my phone at 12:12 ET before heading out to the game Sunday.  The Seahawks scored in 12 seconds during both halves.

Most importantly the 12th man disrupted the Broncos offense and the Seahawks franchise got their 12th post season victory.

The defense was spectacular.

The Legion of Boom can now take it’s place among the other historical defenses.

We just witnessed the best defensive backfield of all time in my opinion.

I’m not trying to take anything away from the defensive line or the linebackers, they played great and I fully believe Malcolm Smith deserved to win the Super Bowl MVP.  I told a friend of mine Malcolm should win it with about 5 minutes left to play in the game.

I know a lot of the National media doesn’t agree with me, probably because he’s not the big named sexy choice.  Unlike them I don’t have to worry about trying to inflate my rating, I just try to keep it real.

I gotta cut this off now, I’ll be posting about this game all offseason, but I have a word limit and I passed it a few paragraph ago, I’m just over 1200 words and my limit is 1000.

Remember when we weren’t World Champions?  

This is much better than that.  Some teams may have more rings than us but no one has a more current ring than us!

Go Seahawks!!!!!! Super Bowl XLVIII Champions!

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