Seattle Seahawks quarterback statistics are fun…#15 Matt Flynn

What I need to see from Flynn……

You may have read my reaction to the Seahawks signing Matt Flynn, if not you can read about it right here in the Seahawks blog.

Despite having four years in the NFL Matt Flynn is a relatively unknown commodity. In Green Bay he was the backup to one of the league’s best quarterbacks in the league, Aaron Rodgers, whom has given Matt nothing but praise.

The fact is that everyone who talks about working with Flynn speaks of how intelligent he is and that he is an incredible student of the game.

All the praise from what he does off the field is great but before I go “All in for Flynn” I need to see a few things from him on the field.

It is unrealistic to expect Flynn to come to Seattle and light the league on fire so I got to thinking:

  • “What would Matt need to do this season for me to consider it a success?
  • What needs to happen for me to be comfortable with the state of the position at this point next season if he is once again the projected starter?

First I needed to look at the past

There were two sets of numbers that intrigued me during this process.

  • 298 of 506 for 3,389-yards with a 58.9% completion percentage. 15 touchdowns and 14 interceptions with 50 sacks and 0 game winning drives.
  • 176 of 321 for 2,023-yards with a 54.8% completion percentage. 7 touchdowns and 8 interceptions with 38 sacks and 2 game winning drives.

Broken down into per game average those to sets of numbers look like this.

  • 18.6 of 31.6 for 211.8-yards. 0.93 touchdowns and 0.87 interceptions per game with 3.1 sacks
  • 14.7 of 26.8 for 168.6-yards. 0.58 touchdowns and 0.67 interceptions per game with 3.2 sacks

The first set of numbers is the combination of Tarvaris Jackson and Charlie Whitehurst last season.

Matt Flynn

In Matt Flynn I want to see a quarterback who is able to read a football field.

The second set is the first season in Seattle of the quarterback that most Seahawks consider the best in franchise history (Matt Hasselbeck)

The quarterback play the year before Matt Hasselbeck came to Seattle was mediocre and is fairly comparable to that of the 2011 Seahawks.

The big difference is Hasselbeck had the luxury of being reunited with his former head coach, quarterback guru, Mike Holmgren and stepping back into an offense he was familiar with.

Even with all that on his side he was still a statistical downgrade from the season before in every category.

I would love to sit here and tell you that I expect Matt Flynn to throw for 3,500-yards 21 touchdowns and only 7 interceptions but, with the stats laid out above what is fair to ask the latest Packers backup quarterback turned Seahawks starter to accomplish his first season?

I certainly do not think those numbers are

In Matt Flynn I want to see a quarterback who is able to read a football field. I want to see a guy who can look at a defense before the snap and make pre-snap adjustments. After the snap I want him to make quick reads and get the ball out of his hand quicker than Jackson’s typical 7 second drop.

I want him to progress through his reads quickly and if nothing is there I want to see him get out of the pocket and throw the ball away, living to see another down.

When the game is on the line I want him to have the confidence to make throws. You can’t bring your team back in the 4th quarter if you are afraid to release the ball. Game winning drives usually don’t consist of a quarterback holding on to the ball and taking a lot of sacks.

Those are the things that I am most concerned with seeing from Flynn this season.

Because numbers are fun I will throw out a few.

If #15 starts 16 games, throws for 3,040-yards 58% completions 16 touchdown and 13 interceptions while taking 38 sacks I will be a very happy 12.


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    I strongly suspect that the “when in the game” of his completions will be the difference between he and Jackson.

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