The Seahawks locking up Marshawn Lynch was a smart move

Feed the Beast!!

The Seattle Seahawks started off their offseason moves with a bang, re-signing RB Marshawn Lynch. The deal is over 4 years and has a maximum tender of $31. $18 million is guaranteed to Lynch over the course of the contract.

According to Andy Bunker of the Mitch in the Morning show on 950 KJR, Lynch can take that $31 million and buy “44,927, 565 bags.  Or 2.6 Billion Skittles! (2,605,798,654)”

There has been complete bedlam in the streets of Seattle with riots and flashes of Vancouver after the Stanley Cup. Ok, it isn’t of that magnitude, but the people of Seattle are absolutely stoked!

Sure, there are some naysayers still questioning Lynch, but they have been drowned out by the sound of people talking about how awesome he is.

The re-signing of Lynch was smart on the part of the Seahawks.

Here are 5 reasons why.

5. Lights, Camera Action!

With this 4 year contract, Beast Mode is guaranteed to trample through highlight reels and continue making news with quirks like his sideline snacking. The guy is a walking comedy routine of pure awesome.

With him continuing to get press, the Seahawks get press through it all, too.

More exposure is always a good thing (unless you’re Tony Romo) and could bring new fans who will buy tickets or merchandise.

4. Earning trust

The willingness of the Seahawks to go out and spend a decent chunk of money to bring back a fan favorite echoes throughout the fan base. It shows that they do care and that they are willing to do what it takes to make this team a perennial playoff contender.

It also is starting to fill some fans with hope who are looking for big ticket free agents to pour in.

Mario Williams, anyone?

Marshawn Lynch, Seattle Seahawks

Feed the Beast Mode!!

3. Assurance that the running game is intact

The Seahawks did not have a running back for 5 years after Shaun Alexander got paid. Yes, they had people filling the position, but the team was not able to work their offense around any sort of continual productive running game. The running game was horrendous and everyone knew it.

Ever since Lynch burst on the scene, the offense has become resurgent with the team’s offensive focus going from the pass first mentality to a rush first mentality.

2. Attention turns to Red Bryant

The re-signing of Lynch allows the Seahawks to move onto other pressing matters.

They can now turn their focus on other team needs.

In other words, they can re-sign Red Bryant and chase a pass rushing DE down to compliment Chris Clemons on passing downs. The Seahawks were second worst in the NFL in sacks and need that number to drastically improve if they truly want to be a vaunting defense that the NFL talks about.

They’re off to a good start, but you can’t be one dimensional in today’s game. Only the elite get away with it.

1. It’s Marshawn Freakin Lynch!

We get to see 4 more years of a goofy, hilarious, dread-locked, gold toothed, stiff-arming Marshawn Lynch in a Seahawks uniform.

He is BeastMode, the power running back the fans in Seattle have grown to love.

His love for fruity candy and colorful shoes has won over the hearts of Seahawks fans everywhere.

He’s already caused an earthquake in his first season and a half…let’s see what else he has up his sleeve over the next four.


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