The 2013 Seahawks are rewriting their record books.

Historic Season Brewing in Seattle

It’s not hard to come to the conclusion that the 2013 Seattle Seahawks are a team of a different caliber this year.  The team is loaded with talent, free from major off-field distractions, and the 12th man has never been happier to see the blue flag rise into the sky on a Sunday afternoon.

The numbers, they just keep getting more and more fun to play with too.  This team is putting up some incredible numbers, the likes of which 12th man’ers have never seen. 

Here’s a few just to get you thinking.

Best Win/Loss Record

The Seahawks are currently 9-1.  No Seattle team has EVER been 9-1.  The best season ever for Seattle was in 2005, and they went 13-3 and also went to the Super bowl.

Seattle’s remaining schedule gives it an amazingly good shot at besting that 13-3 mark from 2005.  The team’s toughest remaining games are the New Orleans Saints at home and the San Francisco 49ers at the Stick.  Its other games include Arizona, St. Louis, NYG and Minnesota, who combined have 14 total wins.  Three of those four games are at home.

If Seattle can find a way to beat New Orleans in a huge Monday Night Football game, it could easily finish the season 14-2 or better.

What?  WHAT?  I can’t hear you!

The 12th man got some good recognition during the first home game of the season.  The Seahawks’ rambunctious fans managed to crank out 136.6 db of pure noise to set the Guinness World Record for loudest stadium.

The best fans in the NFL? You betcha! (Photo: Ted Warren/AP)

The best fans in the NFL? You betcha! (Photo: Ted Warren/AP)

It was truly deafening to say the least.

As great at the record was, it was a short-lived record.  In the most pathetic game of copy cat I’ve seen in a long time, the Kansas City Chiefs decided to try — and did — break the record a few weeks later.

Quit stuffing your face with BBQ and come up with your ideas, KC.

Russell Wilson Win/Loss Record as a starter

Russell Wilson is currently 20-6 as a QB starter.  Not too bad at all, but did you realize he only needs three more wins in the remaining six games to break the NFL record for wins by a starting QB in his first two seasons?

The record is 22 wins by Danny White of the Dallas Cowboys.  Given Seattle’s current pace, this record looks ripe to fall.

Road Warriors

Who remembers this nonsense:  The Seahawks can’t win on the road.  Or how about this one? Seahawks can’t win when they play on the east coast.

All of that has changed this year.

The Seahawks currently have five road wins in six games this year already.  No Seattle team has EVER won six games on the road.  Seattle only has two remaining road games.  It travels to New York to see the Giants, and it also has to visit San Francisco.

I think the Hawks win one, if not both of those games.

Oh, and that east coast bit?  Seattle has won this year in Carolina and Atlanta.  Its only loss was in Indy, and I don’t think that qualifies as east coast.

Comeback Kids

All things being equal, I’m sure most fans would prefer to see the Seahawks put up 50 burgers on every team every week, but Seattle has been a very resilient team this year and has some good comeback wins.

The Seahawks had to battle hard with the Texans and Carolina.  None of those games compares to the Tampa Bay game.  The Seahawks were down 21 points just before halftime, yet they found a way to stage the biggest comeback in franchise history.

This one topped a 1995 win at Denver when they trailed 20-0 before coming back for a 31-27 win.

What’s next?

Your guess as good as mine.  First Lombardi trophy maybe?


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