The 2011 Seahawks are thriving in the no huddle

Hurry UP!

The Seattle Seahawks are coming off one of their most memorable regular season victories in years. Pete Carroll somehow got his Seahawks up to the challenge for the win.


The Seahawks overcame injuries including to their quarterback position.

The Seahawks won 36-25 due to an offense gaining 424 yards including 345 through the air. The Seahawks offense has looked pretty impressive the last six quarters vs the first 14 on the season.

The reason the Seahawks offense looks different is due to last week against the Atlanta Falcons.

The Seahawks found themselves trailing at halftime to the Atlanta Falcons 27-7. To try make a comeback the Seahawks ran the no huddle offense which thrives on your quarterback being accurate.

What it also does is prevent the opposing defense making substitutions as well. Tarvaris Jackson thrived in the no huddle as the Seahawks scored 21 points in the second half while putting up 236 yards offense and 186 yards through the air.

The Seahawks ultimately came up short 30-28 but that didn’t stop them from still using the no huddle.

Pete Carroll

Pete Carroll's "new" hurry up offense is pretty good

This week against the Giants the Seahawks started the game off in the no huddle. Jackson on that drive was five for six passing for 64 yards with a touchdown. The Seahawks are putting up ridiculous numbers on offense since using this no huddle offense that won’t confuse anyone for the 1990’s Buffalo Bills but still that is working.

In the first 14 quarters the Seahawks scored only 37 points (2.6 points per quarter, 10.4 per game), 777 total yards (55.5 per quarter, 222 per game), 660 yards passing (47.1 per quarter, 188.5 per game).

While in the last six quarters the Seahawks have scored 57 points (9.5 per quarter, 38 per game), 660 total yards (110 per quarter, 440 per game), 531 passing (88.5 per game,354 per game).

As you can clearly see the Seahawks offense is night and day better running the no huddle offense. By running the no huddle it didn’t matter who was the quarterback as Jackson played well.

Then on the game winning drive so did Charlie Whitehurst as he was four for five passing for 77 yards including the game winning touchdown pass. The Seahawks also saw a rebirth from Marshawn Lynch who ran for 98 yards with a touchdown.

Lynch was also part of the passing game with four receptions.

In conclusion, the Seahawks are looking like a playoff team now.

The defense has been terrific all season long and now that the Seahawks are running the no huddle offense their offense looks pretty good.

Jackson has played really well the last two games and his backup Whitehurst looked pretty well too. This was a huge win over the Giants proving that Pete Carroll can coach his guys up to beat a team more talented than his.

It was also satisfying since the Giants gave the Seahawks their worst loss in Qwest Field history 41-7 last year. This win was only made possible due to the no huddle offense.

Hopefully the Seahawks stick with the hurry up no huddle so the wins can keep piling up.

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