Spend Paul’s Money! Five positions the Seahawks still need to shore up

Time to work your magic, PCJS

With the free agency period underway, the Seattle Seahawks have made several moves to help position themselves for a run at the NFC West title and beyond. By locking up several guys already, the Seahawks have a little over a month to fill any holes they can through free agency before the 2012 NFL Draft creeps up on us all.

Going into the offseason, there were many questions that needed to be asked about this team, especially with a few big key players becoming free agents.

The Seahawks answered many of those questions by signing the top priorities back to the team as well as bringing in a couple of new additions. They don’t seem to be done making moves, but we’ll sit in wait to see what their next move will be.

The team re-signed RB Marshawn Lynch to a 4 year, $31 million contract with $17 million guaranteed. They re-signed FB Michael Robinson, Lynch’s personal bulldozer to a 2 year, $5 million deal.

They re-signed DE Big Red Bryant to a 5 year, $35 million deal with $14.5 million guaranteed. They re-signed LB Heath Farwell, a special teams stud.

They re-signed offensive linemen Breno Giacomini and Paul McQuistan.

Then they went and signed a couple new shiny toys.

First they signed DE/DT Jason Jones from Tennessee to a 1 year contract worth a guaranteed $4.5 million and a possible $500,000 in incentives. And yesterday, they broke the news that they signed QB Matt Flynn from GB to a 3 year deal with $10 million guaranteed and worth up to $26 million if he reaches all incentives and bonuses.

The front office is slowly working down the list but haven’t finished yet. Important pieces have returned and they went and got a couple shiny new toys. But there’s still more work to be done.

These are 5 positions the Seahawks still need to shore up for next season.


Depending on how the Seahawks fare in free agency in the next month, they may need to be looking for 2 or 3 linebackers in this draft. With only 2 linebackers on contract for next season, they need to bolster the position in a big way.

With Leroy Hill and David Hawthorne both free agents and the Seahawks seemingly not pursuing them, for the time being at least, they need to look at several options.

Curtis Lofton, LB

Curtis Lofton would bring some pain

The top linebackers available are going to differ depending who you ask, obviously.

I think the Seahawks could make a big splash if they went and got Curtis Lofton from the Falcons. He has only been in the league 4 years and has averaged almost 125 tackles per season over that time.

Erin Henderson from Minnesota would be another good LB addition. He fits all of Pete Carroll’s requirements for his prototypical linebacker.

He has a gap in the middle of his 4 year career but stats shouldn’t be an issue with this guy.

He’s hungry.

Defensive End

The signing of Jason Jones from Tennessee is a blind move for those who are uninformed about his play.

While most analysts and “experts” are saying he is a defensive end, he is not. Yes, he played DE in Tennessee, but that was a gross mis-use of his talent. Putting him inside at the guard position will allow him to keep his play style the same and still allow him to get after the quarterback.

Mark Anderson, DE

Mark Anderson could add some pass rush on the end

This leaves openings for the DE position still and the Seahawks should still be shopping. Mario Williams shunned everyone for the money, the cold and many future losses in Buffalo.

The free agent DE market isn’t spectacular, but there are definitely a few steals out there. Raheem Brock most likely will not be back after a less than lackluster performance last season.

With Red Bryant signed for 5 more years and Chris Clemons (even with his drinking game) is getting meaner each season, this roster could be one vicious, pass rushing DE away from putting up some ridiculous defensive highlights behind the line of scrimmage.

One strong free agent the Seahawks could pursue is Mark Anderson who played for the Patriots last season. He is 6 years in the league now and posted 10 sacks last season.

He also posted 12 his rookie season of 2006 for the Bears. He is a little older than the current team profile, but bringing him in could add that extra pass rush the Seahawks need.

Another guy to look at is Dave Tollefson from the New York Giants. He’s been in the league for 5 years now, all with the Giants. He only put up 5 sacks last season, but he got a lot of pressure on quarterbacks.

He’s not huge which helps him be more agile when trying to break through and around offensive lines.

Wallace Gilberry from Kansas City is another option. He’s not flashy, but he’s got potential. He has been in the NFL 4 seasons now, all with Kansas City. Once he gets on a real team, he can actually show his true skill. He had 7 sacks 2 seasons ago for the Chiefs.

Offensive Line

Guard and Tackle to be more exact. The Seahawks could use a few players to take over starting positions on the line or who will add insane depth to the position. It’s the depth in newly re-signed Breno Giacomini and Paul McQuistan who filled in nicely in the end for James Carpenter and John Moffitt. You can ever throw Lemuel Jean Pierre in that group, too.

Robert Gallery was cut and just signed with the Patriots. Steve Hutchinson spurned Seattle for Tennessee, reuniting him with Matt Hasselbeck and Jordan Babineaux.

Jake Scott

Jake Scott can protect, ask Matt how he did last season

Sure, we have guys who can fill the positions, but they are platoon utility guys who play all the line spots. Get a specialist to the position and you’re going to have one strong line to depend on.

The best young option at this position, in my opinion, is Geoff Schwartz. He was with the Carolina Panthers and has been in the league 3 years.

A few veteran pickups might be what the Seahawks could use most right now unless they can find a gem or two in the draft.

Jake Scott has been in the league for 8 years and has played for the Colts and Titans. Hutch took his spot in Tennessee.

Eric Steinbach has been in the league 9 years and played for Cincinnati and Cleveland. We know he stopped the Seahawks last year in that 6-9 thriller in Cleveland.

Derrick Dockery is another vet option. He’s been in 9 years as well and has gone back and forth from Buffalo to Washington.

All these guys are not necessarily stars, but have been pretty solid for their respective teams. Hey, I could’ve said bring back Porkchop…

Running Back

This one can sound crazy to some folks, but hear me out real fast. Yes, the Seahawks locked up Marshawn Lynch, but with the lack of interest so far, the Seahawks may be letting either Leon Washington or Justin Forsett test free agency.

I personally believe just Leon Washington stays.

Michael Bush, RB

Here's to hoping the meeting went well!

Leon is a scatback type of runner, a 3rd down back. And a damn good kick and punt returner. If the Seahawks can find someone who compliments Lynch and gives them a powerful 1-2 punch, the team could easily bolster the backfield and bring in a similar back to Beast Mode.

Michael Bush is a name at the top of the list as he is in town this week to visit with the Seahawks front office. He is a tough, quick back who has the size to absorb hits and deliver them right back to the defender. He has been in the league 4 years, all with Oakland and all as a backup or platoon RB.

He would fit perfect for this idea. Maybe Tom Cable can work some magic there.

If Cedric Benson isn’t in trouble with the league or the law, he would be a great fit to work with Lynch, too. He’s been in the league 7 years with the Bears and the Bengals.

If he panned out, it could be lethal.

Tim Hightower could be another option. Fresh off a stint in Washington, this 4 year guy was part of the crop of young RBs in Arizona a couple seasons ago. Playing in the Mike Shanahan running system kills RBs and Hightower was a victim.

If the Seahawks brought him in and back to life, it could benefit both parties greatly.

And lastly, a stretch, is Brandon Jacobs. If the Seahawks can keep him quiet and productive, this bowling ball of a RB can be the perfect compliment to Beast Mode.

Those are our 4 most glaring needs as of now. There is one more position that could use a little help, but it isn’t a NEED.

Tight End

With John Carlson leaving, it creates a minor gap in the Seahawks TE plans. Cameron Morrah is a great option to have step up into your second TE spot, hands down. If the team wants more depth or another big body in there, though, there are still some TE’s available.

The team already brought in Jacob Tamme from the Colts and Visanthe Shiancoe from the Vikings. Tamme has more upside in that matchup due to his youth, but Shiancoe will be the better bet for a season or two if you want notable production immediately. There are still other options, though, if they choose to pass those 2 up.

Joel Dreessen, TE

Joel Dreessen could add some depth at TE

Joel Dreessen from Houston is a good option. He has been overlooked this free agency period, but was pretty solid with the Texans. He’s been in the league 6 years and had 6 touchdowns last season.

Leonard Pope from Kansas City is another decent option. Since he hasn’t been a featured guy in Arizona or Kansas City, his stats haven’t popped yet. He’s got upside, though, and would be a good third TE for the Seahawks system.

Bo Scaife is another decent option. He’s 7 years in and spent all but last season with the Titans before moving onto the Bengals. He can catch well and is big enough to block if needed.

Jeremy Shockey is available, too, but c’mon…really?

Who know what PCJS think our team needs are, but the fan base and the analysts all agree that in some particular order, those 4 are our current NEEDS. A WR is a nice thought, but for one, the WR market sucks now. And two, the Seahawks have plenty of depth at the position.

They just need to make sure Big Mike Williams has changed his attitude and his health and gets back out there as the guy from 2 years ago and not last season.

Who knows what will happen, but guessing sure is fun!


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