ICYMI Seahawks snag Tony McDaniel: Another vet via Free Agency

The next consistent on Seahawks D-Line

This week we read the headline, “Seahawks agree to terms with defensive tackle Tony McDaniel.”

What those terms are we don’t know for sure.  What we do know is the length of the contract will be one year.

This move leads me to believe that the slim chance of Alan Branch rejoining the team has faded away.  Personally, I wanted to see Branch come back to the team.  I have a feeling that Alan has overestimated his value.

My guess is that Tony McDaniel‘s price tag was significantly lower than what Branch was looking for.

If that is the case, I like the deal.  To be honest, I could sit here and build up either players strengths.  Tony’s long, strong arms that he uses to fight off blockers or Alan’s quick burst off the line.  I could also point out that McDaniel is slow off the line or that Branch, at times, struggles to get off his blocks.

I expect to see a similar level of production from Tony to what Alan provided last season.  Tony McDaniel likely agreed to a deal for less money than Alan Branch is looking for. If that is the case, the Seahawks once again replaced a player with another one who is a better value.

With the salary cap in the NFL, it is impossible to build a team by adding and keeping players based solely on production.  Some players like Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman are going to get their big payday from the Seahawks.

For the role players it is more like a math equation.

Tony McDaniel

My guess is that Tony McDaniel’s price tag was significantly lower than what Branch was looking for.

A player’s contract divided by the rating the teams scouting department places on him gives that team a player value.  The player’s value is key to John Schneider’s philosophy on how to build a strong team capable of longevity.

Let us take a look at 2 fictional players, we will call them Player 1 and Player 2, original I know.

Let’s say Player 1 is a 6 year veteran that the team has given a rating of 9.5 and he wants $6,000,000 for a 1 year deal.  Player 2 is rated 8.0 and is looking for $4,000,000 for a year of his service.

  • P1 = Cost of Player 1, P2 = Cost of Player 2
  • C1 = Contract of Player 1, C2 Contract of Player 2
  • R1 = Rating of Player 1, R2 Rating of Player 2
  • P1 = C1/R1 and P2 = C2/R2
  • P1 = $6,000,000/9.5 and P2 = $4,000,000/8.0
  • P1 = $631,579/1.0 and P2 = $470,588/1.0
  • P1 = 631,579 and P2 = 470,588

Even-though Player 1 is the better player, Player 2 is a better value.

But . . .

That doesn’t mean you have sign Player 2 and give up on Player 1.

A good organization will negotiate with Player 1 and try to get him to a value near Player 2.  I won’t bore you with any more math, in this case Player 1 would need to be in the neighborhood of $4.5 million for the season to have an approximate value to Player 2. If Player 1 holds firm to his demands the team signs Player 2.

Let Dan Snyder or Jerry Jones over pay for Player 1 and they can watch your team in the playoffs.

The point is, for a role player it is better to get a lesser player at a better value.  This is very likely what the Seahawks did when they agreed to terms with Tony McDaniel.

Need some info on McDaniel? How bout some tweets from down in Miami.

Go Seahawks!


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