Touchdown Seahawks! Golden Tate catches an actual touchdown!

You can’t argue THAT one

With all the controversy around Golden Tate’s last second ‘touchdown’ catch, much was forgotten about a terrific play in the second quarter that gave the Seattle Seahawks the initial 7-0 lead.

The Play

As much as I wish and pray for the day where Darrell Bevell is relieved of his duties as Offensive Coordinator and Tom Cable is promoted, Bevell knows how to disguise plays.

It was very evident in this touchdown catch.

The personal the ‘Hawk offense was working with was two Tight End’s and two Receivers, the two Receivers being Ben Obomanu and Golden Tate and the two Tight End’s being Zach Miller and Anthony McCoy.  Translation: our two best blockers at their respected positions.

Robert Turbin was in the backfield presumably to spell Marshawn Lynch and pound the ball.

Thankfully, the offense had other plans

Anthony McCoy and Zach Miller both lined up on the right side, with Miller going in motion prior to the snap.  Golden Tate was playing just off of the Tight End duo.  Ben Obomanu was the lone receiver on the left side of the field.

Golden Tate

TD Seahawks! 41 yard TD From Wilson to Tate Week 3 vs. Packers

They run a play action and Robert Turbin chips in a block before going into the flat on his route.  Ben Obomanu runs a go route on the left side, and Golden Tate does the same on the right.

Zach Miller shuts down Clay Matthews and Anthony McCoy runs a corner route.

Turbin is solidly covered by two Green Bay defenders and Tate does a golden job of losing Tramon Williams and getting separation (something no ‘Hawk receiver did consistently on Monday).

Again on this play, like last week, the ‘Hawks had options.  Obomanu had man coverage on his route and could’ve potentially been targeted, and the right side of the field was open enough that Russell Wilson could use his speed and agility to pick up yardage on his own.

When it works, it works.

The Catch

Perfect, perfect, PERFECT footwork by Russell Wilson on this touchdown.  Being a shorter quarterback, it’s important that guys like him and Drew Brees get an extra little zip on it.  That only works if you keep that back foot planted, and it was.

Great job by Tate to use that extra time he had in catching the ball and really cradle it and not put all his trust in using his hands.

He used his entire body, and why not if you have time?

You can watch that play here!

Seahawks 41 yard TD From Wilson to Tate Week 3 vs. Packers

The Seahawks are back in action this Sunday against the St. Louis Rams.

If I know these Rams, I should have plenty of touchdown’s (actual touchdowns this time!) to choose from!


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