Touchdown Seahawks! Golden Tate catches the ‘Hawks only touchdown

Tate gets his third in style

Golden Tate gave us another sneak preview of what he is capable of, making a superb play after the catch en route to the Seahawks only touchdown on the day, and his third on the year.

The Personnel

Russell Wilson lined up in the shotgun, with running back Marshawn Lynch to his left. Golden Tate lined up outside in the flanker spot (right side) in a Trips Bunch package.

He was accompanied by Sidney Rice and Braylon Edwards. Zach Miller was playing on the offensive line on the left side of the field.

The Play

Marshawn Lynch goes out into the flat and a cornerback who had snuck into the box and was showing blitz came with him, giving Wilson more time to throw.

Sidney Rice runs a fade into the corner of the endzone, and brings both his man and the safety with him. The safety doesn’t fully commit but hesitates just a second, enough to be not involved in the play anymore.

Golden Tate

Golden Tate is finally proving to be the man the Seahawks drafted 3 years ago.

Braylon Edwards runs a post before being shoved out the back of the endzone by his defender at which point the ball was in the air anyway.

Golden Tate runs a slant and actually gets jabbed by Rice’s defender which slows his route down before he gets picked up by Captain Munnerlyn and Thomas Davis.

Davis goes for the hit of the night (and a fine from the fun loving commissioner) instead of safely wrapping up Golden Tate.

Tate spins off of the Davis hit before bouncing off a collision with safety Sherrod Martin into the endzone for the score.

The Seattle Seahawks redzone offense has been anything but exciting this season, which is surprising with taller guys like Rice and Edwards as well as a guy like Golden Tate who will go and get it.

Hopefully this touchdown is the start of an offense that can finish inside the 20.

You can watch this play and other highlights here:

The Seahawks look to stay perfect at home and stay above .500 this Sunday against the New England Patriots.

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