Seahawks 2013 second quarter stats: The offense

Offensive statistical breakdown

After every 4 games I like to take a look at the Seahawks stats and project what they could look like by the end of the season. Four weeks ago I wrote a quarter season statistic breakdown.

Now we have reached the halfway mark and I’m at it again.

Russell Wilson

125/205 (on pace 250/410) 61% 1628-yards (3256) 13TD (26) 4INT (8) 8 total fumbles (16)

During the second quarter of the season Russell Wilson completed 7 more passes in 13 more attempts than he did during the first quarter. He also threw for 54 more yards and is now on pace to throw for 110 more yards than he did during his rookie campaign. Meanwhile he is on pace to match his touchdown total.

Interceptions are down from a season ago, that is always a good thing, but his fumbles are up, way up. In-fact Russell already has 3 more fumbles than he did all of last season.

Marshawn Lynch

146car (292) 601-yards (1202) 4.1-yards/carry 6TD (12) 30FD (60) 2 fumbles (4)

What happened to feed the beast? Marshawn Lynch averaged 3 carries less per game during the second quarter of the season than he did during the first. The answer is simple really, last week Darrell Bevell refused to give him the ball.

Going into the game Lynch was actually carrying the ball slightly more often than he had the through the first four weeks.

Marshawn has also dropped another 30 yards off his 2012 pace and is now set to fall 388 yards short of the career high he set last year.

Lynch has managed to stay on pace to tie his career high of 12 touchdowns this season.

Russell Wilson vs. Rams

Interceptions are down from a season ago

Robert Tubin

26car – (52) 104-yards (208) 4FD (8) 5rec (10) 7trg (14) 52-yards (104) 1FD (2)

Like Marshawn Lynch, Robert Turbin‘s yards per carry have improved slightly over the last quarter, however both players are down significantly from last season.

During the last 4 games Turbin has only gotten 11 carries and is on pace to have 28 less carries than his rookie season. Add to that the fact that he’s averaging less per carry and what you get is a sophomore running back who is on pace to rush for less than half the yards he did a season ago.

Christine Michael

9car (18) 37-yards (74) 3FD (6)

Christine Michael hasn’t played since the Colts matchup and hasn’t had a carry since the Jaguars game.

Derrick Coleman

6rec (12) 48-yards (96) 1FUM (2) 2FD (4)

Derrick Coleman‘s still on pace to have 12 receptions this season but between his injury and the addition of Michael Robinson it will not be surprising to see him fall well short of that projection.

Michael Robinson

1 car 0-yards (signed last week)

Spencer Ware

3car 10-yards 1FD

Those stats are Spencer Ware‘s rookie totals as he has been placed on season ending IR.

Zach Miller 

15rec (30) 24TRGT (48) 130-yards (260) 3TD (6) 8FD (16)

Zach Miller only managed 54 yards on 7 receptions during the second quarter of the season. He is now on pace to have his second worst season in both receptions and yardage. Miller was able to find the end zone a couple weeks ago and is still on pace to set a career high in touchdowns.

Zach Miller

Miller is on pace to have his second worst season

Luke Willson

10rec (20) 15TRGT (30) 144-yards (288) 8FD (16)

Kellen Davis

3rec (6) 4TRGT (8) 32-yards (64) 1TD (2) 2FD (4)

Sidney Rice

15rec 35TRGT 231-yards 3TD 11FD 1FUM

Let’s stick a fork in it, Sidney Rice is done.

At-least for the 2013 season as he has been placed on IR with a torn ACL. Personally I would be surprised if he ever plays for the Seahawks again.

Golden Tate

32rec (64) 53TRGT (106) 439-yards (878) 3TD (6) 19FD (38)

Golden Tate is just 13 receptions short of tying the career best he set last season. At his current pace he will set a new high before the third quarter of the season is finished.

He also has a chance to reach a career high in receiving yards before the re-match with San Francisco, on December 8, but needs to gain 250 yards in the next four games, an average of 62.5 yards/game.

Doug Baldwin

23rec (46) 30TRGT (60) 372-yards (744) 1TD (2) 16FD (32)

This year Doug Baldwin has proved that last year was just his sophomore slump. He already has 6 more yards than he did in 2012. Baldwin only needs 6 more catches to reach the same amount of receptions that he had his 2nd year.

He has struggled to find the end zone this year however, with his only touchdown coming in week three.

Jermaine Kearse

8rec (16) 13TRGT (26) 128-yards (256) 2TD (4) 5FD (10)

Jermaine Kearse has already reach a career high in every receiving category.

Next I will be breaking down the defensive stats.

Go Seahawks!


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