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Offensive statistics

For a numbers geek like myself looking at stats is a bit of a guilty pleasure.  Throughout most of the season I only casually look at the numbers, especially while I evaluate Seahawks players.

I know a lot of people these days are using all kinds of stats and equations to rate players.


I love equations, math was my favorite subject growing up, but I am old school.  I believe in the eye test over stats every day of the week and twice on Sunday’s.

Stats can be a bit misleading while looking at rankings across the league.  Teams have different schemes, different opponents and different venues with different weather conditions.  That said, stats are fun so I’m going take a look at them anyway it anyway.

Like I said, this piece is all about guilty pleasure.

Russell Wilson ranks – 26th comp, 27th att, 25th%, 25th yards, 14th average, 13th TD’s, 15th interception, 6th most sacked, 17th rating

Russell Wilson has completed 59/96 passes with a completion rate of 61.5% for 787 yards.  Despite being on pace to throw 16 less completions this season, Wilson is averaging more yards per completion and is on pace to throw for 30 more yards than he did his rookie season.

You want a stat? The Seahawks are on pace to win 16 games in the regular season.

You want a stat? The Seahawks are on pace to win 16 games in the regular season.

Turnovers have been a problem for Russell.  His 3 interceptions and 2 lost fumbles put him on pace to turn the ball over 7 more this season then he did in 2012.

Pete Carroll cannot be happy about that as he preaches ball security.

Currently Russell Wilson‘s 6 touchdown passes put him on pace to fall 2 short of his rookie record tying 26 last season.

The most troubling stat is that he has already been sacked 13 times this season.  That puts him on pace to be sacked 52 times, ouch.  That would be one more sack than Aaron Rodgers had in 2012, Rodgers led the league.

The young quarterback is using his legs a bit more this season as his 27 carries put him on pace to rush 14 more times for 35 more yards than last season.

Marshawn Lynch ranks 4th carries, 6th yards, 2nd TD’s, 8th 1st downs, 4th 20+ yards

Marshawn Lynch‘s 79 carries put him on pace to have one more carry than last season.  Unfortunately he is averaging over a yard less per carry so he’s on pace to fall 358 yards short of last seasons career high 1,590 yards.

Meanwhile Lynch is on pace to tie his career high in touchdowns (12) set in 2011.  If Marshawn’s receiving touchdown rate continues, all he needs is one more in the final 12 games, he will set a career high.

Lynch leads the team with 13 first downs.

Robert Turbin 15 carries 57 yards 3 first downs

Like Lynch, Robert Turbin is also finding it more difficult to find running room.  Robert’s yards per carry have dropped by 0.6 this season.  Turbin isn’t on pace for half the receptions he had last season (8 vs. 19) and less than 1/3 of the yardage (52 vs. 181).

Robert Turbin has yet to find pay dirt running the ball or receiving.  Not just this season, in his career.  On the flip side, he has also yet to fumble.

  • Christine Michael – 9 carries (pace for 36) 37 yards (148) 3 first downs (12)
  • Darrick Coleman – 4 receptions (12) 34 yards (136) 1 first down (4)
  • Spencer Ware – 3 carries (12) 10 yards (40) 1 first down (4) 1 first down (4)
  • Zach Miller – 8 reception (32) 76 yards (304) 2 touchdowns (8) 2 first downs (8)

While looking at Zach Miller‘s stats this season they are pretty typical of what we have seen from him since he joined the Seahawks.

The only thing that stands out during the 1st quarter of the season is his touchdowns.  Though they both happened against the Jaguars they put him on pace for a career high 8 touchdowns this season.

Luke Willson – 5 receptions (20) 76 yards (304) 5 first downs (20)

Personally I’m pretty happy with the fact every time the young receiving tight end catches the ball it is a first down.

Golden Tate is averaging 1.8 yards less per reception this season.

Golden Tate is averaging 1.8 yards less per reception this season.

Kellen Davis – 2 receptions (8) 31 yards (124) 1 first down (4)


Sidney Rice – 9 reception (36) 138 yards (552) 2 touchdowns (8) 5 first down (20)

Sidney Rice is having a season very similar to last season other than the fact that he is averaging about one less reception per game.

Golden Tate – 13 receptions (52) 175 yards (700) 9 first down (36)

Golden Tate is averaging 1.8 yards less per reception this season.  He is, however, averaging about a half reception more per outing and leads the team with 13.

The concerning stat may be the fact that he is still looking for his first touchdown of the season.  Last season Tate had his first touchdown week 3 against the Packers.

No not the “Fail-Mary,” that was actually his second touchdown of the night.

Doug Baldwin – 12 receptions (48) 216 (864) 1 touchdown (4) 8 first down (32)

Doug Baldwin trails Golden Tate by one reception but leads the team with 216 yards.  216 yards puts Baldwin on pace to break his career high, achieved in 2011, by nearly 100 yards .

Jermaine Kearse – 3 receptions (12) 66 yards (264) 1 touchdown (4) 1 first down (4)

And there you have it, the 1st quarter of the season by the numbers.

You may have noticed that I didn’t bother ranking any of the receivers.  That is in large part because only Doug Baldwin (50th) is in the top 50 receivers in yardage while Seahawks team leader Golden Tate is ranked 81st in receptions.

The number that matters the most is 4.

The number of wins the Seattle Seahawks have after 4 games.  They are on pace to win 16, not that I expect them to get there.

Go Hawks!


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