Seahawks cuts: Five players who should stay! Five who should go!

Seahawks final roster cuts

When I was assigned this piece by my editor Q, he was pretty vague.  I simply needed to come up with 5 players who would stay and 5 who would go from the Seahawks 2012 roster.

I could have taken the easy route and listed players like Earl Thomas and Lavasier Tuinei, but what fun would that be. I’m pretty sure I knew what he was implying.

Therefore I spent the last hour going through the roster, position by position, in an attempt to come up with the final 53 man roster.

I chose the same number of players per position as the Seahawks did to start the 2011 season.

Tight End

Clearly the top two players in this group are Zach Miller and Kellen Winslow.  That left 3 players battling for one roster spot.  As much as I want to see Sean McGrath beat out Anthony McCoy for that spot, I didn’t see enough from Sean to justify making that move.

Down the stretch Anthony really stepped up his game and made some difficult catches down the seam.

McCoy’s blocking skills at the tight end position have never been a problem, and if he continues to catch passes like he has the last couple games he will be a great addition to the 2o12 Seahawks squad.

Stay: Anthony McCoy Go: Sean McGrath

Anthony McCoy

Down the stretch Anthony McCoy really stepped up his game

Wide Receiver

I struggled with the wide receiver group.  Do I stick with players who have been with the Seahawks for multiple seasons? Or, do I bring in some new blood who might have more upside.

In the end it came down to Deon Butler and Charly Martin as the 6th receiver.  I chose to keep Charly Martin because he adds more depth from a special teams stand point.

I think both players would contribute equally on the field, but Charly’s size gives him the upper hand when it comes to blocking and fighting off blocks.

Stay: Charly Martin Go: Deon Butler


It is always tough to part ways with a draft pick, however when it comes to Winston Guy, I have no choice.  In a way he reminds me a little of Aaron Curry.  What I mean by that is that his heart does not seem to be in the game.

I know he’s been mentioned by Carroll as a guy in their Nickel package plans but I flat out don’t see it.

I see a lot of energy being spent worrying about things that have nothing to do with football; at a time when he is fighting for his livelihood.  I have said it before, and I will say it again “Winston Guy is the type of player who feels like they have arrived because they were drafted”.

The player I chose to keep was Chris Maragos.  He is consistently involved in plays,  The only thing he had trouble with this preseason was his tackling in the first preseason game.

Ever since the Titans game he has been solid as a rock. Guy will be a candidate for the practice squad where he will be humbled and grow up a bit.

Stay: Chris Maragos Go: Winston Guy

Chris Maragos

Chris Maragos is consistently involved in plays


I chose to keep Mike Morgan over Korey Toomer because Mike earned it.  Every chance Morgan has been giving he reward the team.

In contrast Korey really hasn’t turned any heads.  On the bright side I think Toomer will remain with the team on the practice squad.

Stay: Mike Morgan Go: Korey Toomer

Defensive Line

During the course of the 2012 NFL Draft I was only upset with one draft choice the Seahawks made.  I may not have agreed with the selection of Bruce Irvin, but I felt that drafting Greg Scruggs was a waste.  I was wrong!

Greg Scruggs has impressed me every time he has stepped on the field.  Unfortunately, that meant I would need to cut someone, and that someone was Pierre Allen.

Stay: Greg Scruggs Go: Pierre Allen

These were just a few of the decisions I had to make during the process.  Even as a mock roster cut down it has kept me up till 4:06 AM PST, and I haven’t even started editing it yet.

I cannot imagine how difficult this is for Pete Carroll and John Schneider, nevertheless I am sure they are burning the midnight oil as well.

I couldn’t post the entire 53 man roster in this post but you can click here to view our 53 man roster predictions thread on the NWSB Forums.

OR, you can check out to view MY predictions in their entirety.

Now put in THE CLASH and start playing “Should I stay or Should I go now!”


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