Seahawks MMQB: Lynch carries team to victory

Seahawks win in overtime 27-24

By the time the Buccaneers and Seahawks took the field on Sunday Seattle knew they had a chance to take a 1.5-game lead in the NFC.  It is early in the season but when you are talking about home field advantage throughout the playoffs the team must take advantage of every falter by the Saints and the 49ers.

You may have read my “Blueprint to Victory” pieces that I write every week.  If you do you may have noticed a trend.  Every-time I predict the Seahawks to crush an opponent they either barely squeak by, like Sunday, or they lose like they did to the Colts.

From now on I’m only predicting them to win by a single point!


Last week I was highly critical of Darrell Bevell only giving Marshawn Lynch the ball 8 times on the ground.  This week the Seahawks opened the game, after Tampa Bay won the toss and deferred, by feeding the Beast. The first two offensive plays were runs by Marshawn that netted the team 18-yards.

That drive Lynch ran the ball 4 times for 44-yards before Russell Wilson threw his first of two interceptions inside the red zone.

Wilson’s second interception was at the goal line on a play where I completely blame Bevell.

The Seahawks had the ball 1st and goal at the 3 yard-line when Bevell tried to throw into the end zone where the ball was intercepted.  On the bright side he at-least had Marshawn Lynch in the backfield to use the play action pass.

The offensive line needs to find a way to do a better job of protecting Russell Wilson.  He took a lot of shots during the game and was noticeably slow to get up on a few occasions.  I’m not sure what they can do to fix it but they need to try something before Wilson suffers an injury.

Feed the Beast Bevell. FEEEEED The Beast.

Feed the Beast Bevell. FEEEEED The Beast. (Photo:

Early on it was apparent that Referee Mike Carey’s crew was going to call the game very tightly outside.

The physical brand of football the Seahawks secondary plays is hampered by that type of officiating.

Its effect on the game was never more evident than it was when Earl Thomas intercepted a Mike Glennon pass and was called for pass interference for doing nothing more than holding his arm out.  That was beyond calling the game tightly, that was a poor call.


As much as I love the Seahawks defense they do have their issues.  Sunday they looked less like they were trying to tackle ball carries and more like they were trying to catch greased pigs.

Two missed tackles stood out the most to me.  The first one was a big mistake by Thomas.  Again, I’m a huge fan, but on Sunday he was tackling like Taylor Mayes.

What I mean by that is instead of putting his arms around the ball carrier he was lowering his shoulder and slightly turning his back to deliver a big hit.

That is one of the biggest issues I had with Mayes coming out of USC.

The second was a play by Tony McDaniel.  He had the running back stopped for no gain, all he had to do was bring the back to the ground.  Instead he spun him around and threw him 6-yards forward into the 2nd level of the defense turning a great defensive play into a good offensive play for the opposing team.

Vs. The Run

The Seahawks need to do a much better job tackling down the stretch and into the playoffs. (Jackson, AP, Ellington, Giants committee, Saints committee, Gore/Hunter, and Zac Stacy again) will all provide tests in their own unique ways.

There is now a blueprint on how to beat down this Hawks D. Every NFL coach knows it.

They also need to do a better job staying in they’re running lanes.  Bobby Wagner was caught out of his on more than one occasion.

I’m interested to see the defensive run stats that our editor “Q” tweets out today.

Understatement: Seahawks need to do a better job tackling

Understatement: Seahawks need to do a better job tackling. (Photo:

Between the 1st half and the Buccaneers opening drive Tampa completed 8 out of 9 3rd down conversions attempts until the Seahawks stopped them on a 3rd down and 8 play forcing a field goal.

At that point in the game the Seahawks had completed just 1 of 4 3rd down attempts.  It is no wonder the Buccaneers lead 24-7.

From that moment on Tampa had 5 more 3rd down opportunities and the Seahawks defense held them every time.  On the flip side the Seahawks had 8 opportunities on 3rd down and converted 7 of them.  During that span the Seahawks outscored the Buccaneers 20-0.

Coincidence?  I think not.

Jermaine Kearse cost the Seahawks 7 points when he fumbled a 2nd quarter kickoff at the Seahawks 30 yard-line.  For a couple weeks now I have been beating the drum to replace Kearse as the team’s kick returner.

Until now I have been fairly calm, just mentioning that he isn’t very good at it.

Now I’m flat out saying, “Get Him Out Of There!”

Love the kid as a receiver, he has the ability to make big plays when the teams needs him the most but he doesn’t need to be returning kicks.

Meanwhile, Golden Tate is doing an excellent job returning punts, even-though I hate when he returns them from inside his own 10 yard-line. (I realize he had a lot of space on that long one yesterday)

When the game was headed into overtime I tweeted…

That is exactly what happened.  They accomplished the drive on the back of Marshawn Lynch who ran 6 times for 44 yards, the same amount of yards he had on the very first drive of the game, to set up the game winning field goal by Steven Hauschka.

“Two things in life are guaranteed, death and taxes.” Lately it seems like two things in Seahawks games are guaranteed, heart attacks and a never give up attitude. This was an awesome game, and an awesome day.

What a great tribute to the 1983 Seahawks playoff team, and the players in attendance. I couldn’t help but laugh at some of the tweets out there.

Next up. Revenge is a dish best served cold, lets go get some on the “Dirty Birds”

Go Seahawks!


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  • mama lynch

    I’m not sure who the play caller is for seattle but mama lynch gives him a flat out F in the red zone for 2 weeks straight !!!! Boom!! Mama Lynch

    • Brett Bivens

      That would be offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell. It sounds like you are as frustrated as I am. If you haven’t read last weeks MMQB “Was Bevell drunk” I think you would enjoy it.

      Go Seahawks!

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