Welcome to Seattle Winston Guy…Kentucky strong safety

Seahawks second 6th round selection (181)

Name: Winston Guy
Position: S
College: Kentucky
Height: 6’1″
Weight: 218
40 yard dash: 4.65

For the 4th pick in a row the Seahawks add a defensive player in Winston Guy. Much like the pick before he is a special teams player who adds depth to the team.

This is a pick that Jeron Johnson cannot be happy about. He has been spewing all over twitter about how much he hates the draft, maybe that is because the little guy wasn’t drafted.

And now the Seahawks just drafted the guy that could be Johnson’s replacement.

Winston Guy – 181st Overall Round 6

Winston Guy does have some health concerns, coming off shoulder injury and he aggravated a preexisting groin injury during the combine. He also has some character issues, being suspended for the first defensive series of the season opener for team rules violations as per the Kentucky Kernel.

He has the ability to return kicks and contribute on special teams. Every late round pick has had that in common so far.

Winston Guy is a physical player who I would like to see learn to tackle through the ball carrier more often. At times he tries to tackle where the running back is rather than tackling through the runner and it makes him susceptible to a good stiff arm.

Many knock Winston on his 4.65 speed in the 40 but you may remember a former 5th round selection by the Seahawks, Kam Chancellor? Well he ran a 4.62 and that pick speaks for itself. Is this kid Kam?

Not at all, but he is probably Kam’s backup for the foreseeable future.

Winston Guy

Kam Chancellor's backup for the foreseeable future.

I’m a big fan of having a backup who plays like the starter

That way you can plug the guy in and not change things up to protect him you are doing the players and coaches a huge favor.

Of course he won’t be as good as the starter but by being a player who can play the same style of SS as Kam Chancellor he will make everyone else’s life a little easier. He can watch what Kam does, how he approaches the game and learn directly from it.

If Winston can learn to be a poor mans Kam Chancellor this is going to be a great pick for the Seahawks. He could turn into one of those steals of the draft.

I can only imagine how sick Jeron Johnson is right now, for him today is a very bad day.

Expert Analysis


Was a jack of all trades for Kentucky throughout his career. He played corner as a freshman before moving to safety. Guy lacks elite speed and quickness, but he is a tough, physical defender with outstanding instincts. He will contribute as a special teams player as a rookie.

The Seahawks still have 2 picks left today, coming up shortly.

Seventh: 18th, 225th
Seventh: 25th, 232nd


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