Some deep thoughts on the Flynn vs. Wilson starting QB saga

No, the sky is not falling.

After Tuesday’s practice, head coach Pete Carroll announced Russell Wilson will start this Friday’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs, in Kansas City.  The Seahawks Twitter-verse was abuzz with self proclaimed experts questioning their fandom because of one decision.

I’m here to relax you, Mr & Mrs 12th Man.

I Did It My Way

The one thing that has been so evident in Pete Carroll and General Manager John Schneider’s time here, is that they due whatever the hell they want, and don’t care what the media says.

Which is refreshing, because let’s face it, as Seattle fans, we’re going to be scrutinized regardless.

Seahawks Ice Tea

Pete is doing it his way. Which is refreshing. Like this drink! Cheers.

From that first summer when out of the league receivers Reggie Williams and Mike Williams were brought in on tryouts, ‘Hawk fans new they had an interesting duo running the team.

Everyone and their Grandma’s have loudly declared that every starting quarterback in the NFL starts the third preseason game, so what the heck is Pete doing!

Well, he’s doing it his way, and quite honestly I believe he’s doing it the right way.

These are professional football players; they don’t need to start preseason week three to be prepared to start a regular season game.  Hell, they don’t need to start that game to be prepared.

Preparation is part of their job.

And whether it’s Matt Flynn, Tarvaris Jackson (ha!) or Russell Wilson, the quarterback that starts in Arizona week one will be the best player, and will be ready to go.

By the Numbers

Statistics say that Russell Wilson deserves to start this week, and into the regular season.  He has looked, at times, like the game breaker the fans have craved.  No disrespect to Matt Flynn, but he has been a game manager.

Not a bad thing per say, look at where a game manager (Alex Smith) took the 49ers last year.

Naysayers will be quick to point out that Wilson’s two great performances were against second, third and fourth stringers.

Matt Flynn's Girlfriend Lacey Minchew

Matt Flynn will be just fine if Wilson is the starter.

Guys that for the most part won’t be employed by an NFL team come the regular season.

That in itself is what makes the decision to start Wilson brilliant, in my opinion.

Matt Flynn has been solid against the Titans and Broncos number one and two defenses.

Russell Wilson has made fans salivate with performances against bubble guys and training camp bodies.

Why not see if he can do it against the team’s best eleven defenders, and why not see if Flynn can put up Week 17 of last year numbers against future UFL stars?

What If?

There’s been a ton of speculation as a result of this decision, what if Wilson and Flynn both don’t do too hot?

Than you give Flynn the gig and let Wilson continue to grow and learn. 

The only way, I believe that Wilson earns this starting job, is if he outshines Flynn on Friday.

One thing’s for sure, do not buy into the fact that this jobs been Flynn’s from the minute he put pen to paper on the new contract.

That is anything but the case.

Especially with Pete Carroll around.


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