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Oh man, what a list!

With the 2012 football season nearing, I thought I would take a look at the best of the best when it comes to the talent that has been asked to raise the 12th man flag at Century Link Field prior to Seahawks home games.

Nothing quite whips a crowd into a frenzy like the raising of the 12th man flag in Seattle. It gets the crowd pumped up, the players pumped up, and the other team wishing they were still at the practice facility.

There are a ton of names that could go on this list.

Having said that though, its my  post, so I’m sticking with Seahawks players, for they are the ones that the 12th man screams loudest for!

#12: Mack Strong

NWSB Editor “Q” told me I had to include #38 in this list or I’d lose my job.

So, leading us off today is the man that paved the way for three 1000 yard running backs. The 1993, undrafted, 15-year lead blocker and man that led countless Seahawks tailbacks into the openings created by the line.

Mack Strong

Strong raises the 12th Man Flag (Seattle Times)

Mack Strong was a piece of work! Chris Warren, Ricky Watters and Shaun Alexander owe a ton of their paychecks to him. Who can forget the collisions?

In the Seahawks Super Bowl XL season Strong was selected to his first NFL Pro Bowl and chosen as an Associated Press All-Pro. Prompting us all to say…About damn time!

(He was snubbed more times than Seahawks fans care to remember! Thanks Alstott) He’ll get into the Ring one day.

Watch him raise the flag here.

#11: Curt Warner

Yes, the original Curt Warner. Back in the day when me and my Dad had season tickets at the Kingdome, Curt Warner and his back field mate John L. Williams could be seen ripping apart defenses every Sunday afternoon.

As the 3rd overall pick by the Seahawks, Warner went on to have five 1,000 yard rushing seasons in his six years in blue and silver.

Watch him raise the flag here.

Chuck Knox, the first great coach of the Seahawks

#10: Norm Johnson

The old crafty and reliable Norm Johnson is another player that goes back to the days in the Kingdome.

Johnson played from ’82 through ’90 for tha Hawks, and has a career extra point average of 90%.

Here’s a link to Norm’s raising.

#9: Chuck Knox

Ground Chuck was the name that he was given for the way he used to like to pound the ball up the middle on the ground.

Knox was the head coach at Seattle from ’83 to ’91. He led the Seahawks to four playoff appearances.

Watch Chuck lift the flag here.

#8: Chad Brown

Who can forget the Snake Man? Chad brown was a beast in the linebacking position for the Seahawks before bailing in free agency to the New England Patriots.

From ’97 to ’04 Brown was among the team leaders in sacks year after year, he amassed 48 sacks during his 8 year career in Seattle.

Watch Chad raise the flag here.

#7: John L. Williams

As mentioned above, John L. Williams was one of my childhood heroes for the Seahawks.

Hall of Famer Warren Moon

UW’s & Seahawks & Yes Oilers & Yes Edmonton Eskimos Football hall of Famer Warren Moon

From ’86 to ’93 Williams notched just over 5,000 yards rushing. 5oo yards rushing in each of his first six years in the NFL.

Three seasons with over 70 receptions.

Mainly used as a blocking back on the back half of his career. He created holes where there weren’t any and was the predecessor to the great Mack Strong.

Here is the video of John L.

#6: Warren Moon

Local boy does good Warren Moon didn’t have a long career for the Seahawks, but he did come home to where it all started.

Moon played college ball at the University of Washington, and now is the voice of the Seahawks on Sunday afternoons.

See Moon lift the flag here.

#5: Ken Hamlin

Ken Hamlin had a wonderful start to his career until a tragic accident forced him to miss ten games in his third pro season.

His numbers only reached his standout rookie season numbers once more in his career, but he was a major part of the Seahawks secondary.

Check him out here.

#4: Dave Krieg

From ’80 to ’91 Dave Krieg was the man in Seattle, well the second man I suppose, there was another guy by the name of Steve Largent that was around back then too.

Krieg had four 3,000 yard passing seasons for the Hawks before taking his talents to the Kansas City Chiefs.

See his raise the flag here.

#3: Cortez Kennedy (3 times)

As a member of the 2012 Pro Football Hall of Fame class, no background is needed here. Tez is the Man!

Here is a video, and an interview of Cortez Kennedy.

Largent, the best player to ever wear the blue and silver! (Photo

#2: Steve Largent

Largent is not only the most important Seahawk to ever where our uniform, but one of the greatest receivers to ever play the game of football.

There will only ever be one number 80 in Seattle, even though that other guy Jerry Rice thought he could come in and take it.

See the greatest Seahawk of all time raise the flag here.

#1: Paul Allen

Our Lord and Savior Mr. Paul Allen is not only the man to thank for keeping our beloved Seahawks in Seattle, but also the man who opened up his check book for the beautiful Century Link Field.

Without Paul Allen, we would all be trying to figure out why the CFL starts their season so dang early!

Watch Paul lift his minions flag here.

Honorable Mention

Original season ticket holders

After all, the flag is being raised by the fans, and for the fans, so what list would this be if it didn’t include original 12th men.

See them do their thing here.

Here’s to tiding you over till the season starts.


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