8-1 but Seahawks have 99 problems

Are Seahawks as good as record?

I was told yesterday, “Wow, the Seattle Seahawks sure are struggling.”

My response was, “Uhhh, they have just won 4 games in a row and are 8-1 overall.  What do you want?”

That is the real question isn’t it.  What do fans want to see from this team?

Ideally we want to see our team utterly humiliate the other team.  We want to see our backups playing the entire 4th quarter because the game is well in hand.

Having high expectations is a good thing.  When people are held to a high standard they generally perform better.  When the standard is lowered they accordingly perform to that level.

The same is true in football folks.  Maybe even more so.

The Seahawks were -3 in turnover differential against the BUCCANEERS!  This is a team that hasn’t won a game all year long and they darn near won at the Clink, a place where no one but Seattle wins.

There has only been one other NFL game this year that has been won by a team who threw up a -3 turnover margin in a game or to put it simply…  the Seahawks played LOUSY in that game.

They were also playing a lousy team.

This 2013 Seattle Seahawk team is doing something this year that they did not do last year.  Especially when you compare it to the 2nd half of last year’s team.

They are playing to the level of their competition.  And that folks, is a dangerous way to play in the National Football League.

Having high expectations is a good thing

Having high expectations is a good thing

What’s the old saying, “Any given Sunday”?  It’s a very true statement.

Late last season the Seahawks were throwing up 40-50 points per game on teams like Tampa Bay.  This year, they almost seem to be like a cat toying with a mouse for 3 hours before finally pouncing on them.

If you want to point fingers at who is to blame for this I think you have to point fingers to the coaching staff.  It’s  the coach’s job to get these guys mentally prepared to play their best game every week regardless of who the opponent is.

That hasn’t happened the past 2 weeks.

The defense, especially the run defense, has looked sloppy the past two weeks.  Guys are going for the ball trying to force a fumble on every play instead of wrapping guys up for little or no gain.

Pete Carroll and company need to grab these guys and say… LOOK, tackle the guy, put them in bad down and distance situations over and over.

If you keep doing that eventually they’ll try and force something and you’ll have your turnover.

How do you coach getting mentally up for a lesser opponent?

You got me. 

If I knew that I’d be coaching instead of writing.

What I do know that coaching to go against human nature is not an easy thing to do but the Seahawks need to find a way to make it happen.

I don’t care how bad the Falcons and Giants have looked so far this year.  You can’t go into those stadiums with this “we’re too good to lose to THESE guys” attitude and expect to win.

The Seahawks players are going to have to find a way to focus on every down the rest of the year no matter what color the team’s uniform is on the other side of the ball.    Failure to do so will leave them short of the goal of a Lombardi Trophy.


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  • Hawkman54

    Good points ALL !

  • Hawks12thMan

    The Seahawks did not play lousy againt the Bucs. They proved once again (like in Houston) that the need only 30 minutes to WIN a football game.
    GO HAWKS!!!

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