The Seahawks Are Home For The Rams In Week 16

Seahawks Need To Win Out To Ensure #5 Seed

When it comes to the St. Louis Rams and the Seattle Seahawks, all bets are off.  The NFC West division rivals play each other very hard and you can pretty much forget about who has the better record, the least number of injuries, and all the other stuff we usually look at.

The Rams play the Seahawks tough, and the Seahawks play the Rams tough.  It’s just that simple and you really don’t have to look any further than the game the Rams and Seahawks played against each other in St. Louis back in September to demonstrate this fact.

The Seahawks lost that matchup, in overtime, 34-31, for a variety of reasons.  Those reasons and a few other things are what I’ll be watching for on Sunday as the Seahawks hope to beat the Rams this time.

It would be most helpful to the Seahawks if Kam is available to cover the Rams' tight ends.

It would be most helpful to the Seahawks if Kam is available to cover the Rams’ tight ends.

Cover The Tight End

Cary Williams is gone and Kam Chancellor might play, assuming his tail bone will allow it.  Those are two things that will be different in the Seahawks secondary this go around against the Rams.  The Seahawks got absolutely torched by the Rams tight ends in the first matchup.

The problem of covering tight ends has been a season long issue for Seattle.  It’s been better as of late but it did show up just a bit last week against the Browns.  No matter who plays, the Seahawks have to be better at covering the end than they were last time if they expect to get the win.  I know Jeff Fischer will test this area of the Seahawks defense, early and often.

Case Keenum

The Seahawks will get their first look at Case Keenum wearing the blue and gold of St. Louis.  Nick Foles, the winning starter for the Rams in the last matchup, was benched a month or so ago.  This is Keenum’s third year in the NFL but it’s still going to be just his 15th career game so I think it’s safe to say he’s still inexperienced.

The Seahawks defense has had a lot of success against inexperienced QBs the last several weeks.  They beat Johnny Manziel, Jimmy Clausen, and Teddy Bridgewater over the past three games.  The formula for disrupting the young passers was similar in each of the three games.

The Seahawks simply have to get after Keenum.  If they can make him uncomfortable back there, bad things will start happening to the Rams.  Kris Richard didn’t pressure Manziel early last week then got after him.  Manziel struggled from that point on.

Bobby Wagner

Wagner will be looking to shutdown Gurley.

Shut Down The Run

The Seahawks are going to want Keenum to beat them, if they have to lose this game.  That means the Seahawks will be looking to shut down the Rams run game completely.  The good news here is that the Seahawks have been tremendously successful shutting down the run as of late.

Three weeks ago the Hawks held the Vikings running attack, led by the league’s best runner, Adrian Peterson, to a total of 31 yards.  The next week, they shutdown Baltimore who only gained 28 yards on the ground.  Last week, Cleveland found a little bit more room to run but Seattle still held them to 94 yards.

One major difference will be that Todd Gurley, the Rams number one pick, will be playing this time.  He was out for Seattle’s first meeting with the Rams.  Gurley has been streaky in his games this year.  He rushed for 140 yards just two weeks ago against Detroit but then managed 48 yards last week against the Buccaneers.

Gurley has been held to less than 50 yards rushing in four of his last six starts and he only has one, 100 yard game in his last seven games.  Still, he’s over 1000 yards for the season.  The Seahawks need to take the same approach they did with the Vikings where they stuffed Peterson and forced Bridgewater to throw the ball.  Nothing good will happen for the Rams if Keenum has to throw it 30 times or more.


This is one of those games that I think might get feisty before it’s over.  It wouldn’t shock me if one or more players wound up ejected before it’s over.  I just hope no one gets hurt on a cheap shot.

The Seahawks will hold serve at home and beat the Rams this time, 31-14.

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