Touchdown Seahawks! Anthony McCoy snags his first TD of the year (video)

The Real McCoy? Hopefully

In all seriousness, and with all due respect, what a game and what a play by Anthony McCoy and the entire Seattle Seahawks offense on the touchdown!

It was the nail in the coffin for Seattle, and put them up 20-7, adding another score before the day was done.

Anthony McCoy actually had a terrific game, finishing with 5 catches, 41 yards and the aforementioned touchdown.

The Play

Interestingly on this play, Seattle lined up in a ’31’ offensive set, which is three tight end’s and one running back.  On this play, the personnel was Leon Washington in the backfield, Zach Miller lined up next to Breno Giacomini, with McCoy and Evan Moore next to him.

Golden Tate was the lone wide receiver, out wide to the left.  Selling the run up to the finest detail (Tate is the most talented blocking receiver on the team).

At the snap of the ball, Leon Washington shoots through the line and curls back towards Russell Wilson, attracting the attention of absolutely nobody.

Zach Miller runs a post route and takes two defenders with him.  Newcomer Evan Moore ran a wheel route to the outside and got one-on-one coverage with a cornerback.

Anthony McCoy took the disrespect given to him by the Cowboy secondary, leaving just a safety underneath and a sprinting Anthony Spencer who seemed to whiff on jamming McCoy, right down the seam for six.

Thanks, Rob Ryan!

What really fires me up about this play, is that Wilson and the ‘Hawks offense had options.  Like I mentioned, Leon Washington was absolutely uncovered, and if you can get him the ball in space, whoa look out.

Anthony McCoy

McCoy actually had a terrific game, finishing with 5 catches

Evan Moore had a mismatch against a smaller corner and could win that battle.

Even if McCoy wasn’t wide open, chances are this play was going to work.

That is exciting.

The set that the ‘Hawks lined up in was different, as they generally are in a ’22’ package if they’re utilizing multiple tight end’s.  Rarely a ’31’ is used.  Chances are we’ll see it more often after that one!

The Catch

On behalf of all Seahawk bloggers, writers, Twitter experts*, and everyone else; Anthony McCoy, we’re sorry.  We criticized your hands for two years, and it wasn’t fair.

You had some shaky quarterback play or maybe you and John Carlson didn’t get along.

Whatever it was, clearly it wasn’t you.  You had a preseason with few drops and more catches, and now celebrated your first career touchdown grab! 

I think I speak for everyone when I say, I sure hope this is the Real McCoy.

*Not actually experts

You can watch McCoy’s touchdown grab, and other awesome Seahawk highlights here!


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