Seahawks 12th man gameday – Things to love about the CenturyLink experience

Attending a Seahawks home game IS SO GREAT

Ah CenturyLink Field, I knew ye when you were just a little pup called Qwest.

I still remember the first time I approached the thing, giant and looming like a coliseum, or in more modern terms, like an airport without the planes.  I don’t know what I expected, but I remember being shocked at the size.

  • I’ve seen games up in the nosebleeds in the corners of the stadium, and then some games where I am in yelling distance of the players.
  • Each a unique experience.
  • Each fuelled by adrenaline, anxiety, and the occasional beer (or five).

I’m going to give you some reasons as to why you should get up off of the couch and go see a Seattle Seahawks home game in person this upcoming season.

 1. Tailgating, and the bars just outside the Stadium

If at all possible, I would recommend arriving to the stadium 2-3 hours before the game.  Sounds like overkill, right?  But, hear me out.

There is no other experience in any sport than an NFL tailgate experience.  Fans are cooking up slabs of meat, wearing Seahawks gear, and toasting beverages, all in the parking lot at 8th and Holgate.

Seahawks Tailgating

Got the family with you? Check out Touchdown City.

It’s a good way to start the game off, and partake in a few high fives (amongst other things), and just generally get pumped for the game.

Additionally, you can hit one of the bars just across the street from the stadium.

The Hawks Nest Bar & Grill is in the shadow of the stadium, and I’ve had some drinks there before while watching the morning games before heading over to the stadium.

There is no better breakfast than an omelet and a beer.  Trust me.

Got the family with you? Check out Touchdown City.  It features more than twenty-five exhibits including a full scale Seahawks locker room replica, inflatable games, a broadcast booth where you make the calls and so much more. Good times.

 2. The smell of the Garlic Fries

Those who have been to a Seahawks home game know what I am talking about.  I remember going to a game against the Arizona Cardinals in the 4th row up, 50-yard line, and as soon as I got out of the gate, BAM!

It hit me in the nose like a shoulder from Earl Thomas.  The sweet, sweet smell of garlic on top of french fries.  I haven’t been to every other NFL stadium in the country, but I have to believe this nectar of the gods is a local Seattle concession entity only.

I remember seeing a Rams game when I was in St. Louis, and they gave me a soggy burger with the condiments in a Ziploc bag.

Seahawks Sea Gals

The Sea Gals are a particularly good looking group too. (U.S. Navy photo)


Seattle not only beats the Rams on the field, but in game day food as well.

There’s no better lunch than garlic fries and a beer.  Trust me.

3. The Sea Gals

What is more wholesome than going to a game and getting to see half naked women while you’re there?


Nothing, I tell you!

Cheerleaders are as fundamental to the game day experience as the obnoxious drunk behind you yelling out coaching tips to Pete Carroll at the top of his lungs all game.

The Sea Gals are a particularly good looking group too.

I never realized until attending a game just how many there are on the field on game day, but I like it!

Look for them to do some dance routines during the down times of the game, and tell your girlfriend you’re only staring and drooling at Blitz, the mascot, do his thing.

Wait, maybe don’t tell her that.

4. Knowing you’re in the loudest stadium in the NFL

Other players have said it.  Other coaches have said it.  Seahawks fans know it.  CenturyLink Field is the LOUDEST stadium in the NFL.

Other teams have even suggested that the stadium staff pumps in the noise via the speakers.  Ha!  That noise is all Seahawk fan generated, thank you very much!  Yelling at the top of their lungs on third downs.

12thman Flag

The raising of the 12thman Flag. Brings tears to my eyes every damn time!

Hell, yelling at the top of their lungs on first down!

And when the players come out to a sea of blue and green clad fans, and the starting players are announced, the building just goes insane.

You have to experience this in person to get a sense of just how loud it is.

Seahawks fans should take pride in that.

5. The raising of the 12th Man flag

Just before the game starts, the crowd is whipped into a frenetic frenzy by the raising of the Seattle Seahawks’ 12th man flag. (read this great article by NWSB Seahawks blogger Clinton on the best 12th man flag raisers)

There’s no better kick off in ANY sports than that.  To raise the flag is an honour, and that honour has been bestowed upon many celebrities, including, Bill Russell, Ken Griffey Jr., and Shawn Kemp.

Who knows who you’ll see at the game you’re at, but one thing’s for sure, once that flag goes up, IT’S GAMETIME!

The Century Link Lights Show (Just for fun)


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    There is no better experience in NORTHWEST Sports than a Seahawks gameday. The loudest fans in North American sports! S-E-A-H-A-W-K-S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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