The Seattle Seahawks five most valuable players

Can’t live without em on game day

Every NFL team has a core group of guys they just can’t do without on game day.  You know the guys, the ones the other players look to give them the confidence to go out on the field and KNOW they’re going to get a win.  They’ve got the “swagger.”

The fan watching in the stands or at home can trash talk their division rivals on message boards or right to their faces knowing “their boy” is in the line-up.

Some of these guys might not make the Pro Bowl, or have gaudy stats, but these are the 5 guys that are the most valuable to the Seattle Seahawks game in and game out.

1. Red Bryant – DT

While this list isn’t necessarily going to be in order of value, this pick absolutely is.  Red Bryant, for my money, is one of the most underrated players in the league.  Seahawk fans know him well.  He’s the big fella on the line who stuffs the run like no other.

He’s got a great attitude and exudes that leadership quality we love.

He has rare athleticism for a big guy, and showed that by blocking 3 field goals and 1 extra point last season.

The Seahawks have made Bryant the highest paid player on the defense for a reason, and we expect him to up his sacks next to year and garner that league-wide reputation he so deserves.

Richard Sherman, Red Bryant, Seattle Seahawks

Red Bryant and Richard Sherman are 2 of the most important players for the Seahawks in 2012

 2. Marshawn Lynch – RB

It’s one of the signature plays for this organization: Marshawn Lynch barreling through the Saints defense, pushing players aside (we’re looking at you, Tracy Porter) as he went into full-on beast mode, causing earthquakes and applause to fill the Seattle landscape.

He made the Pro Bowl last year, and set the franchise record with 10 consecutive games with a touchdown.

He doesn’t just elude defenders, he goes right through them when he has to (remember that game against the Eagles last year?)

He is definitely one of the toughest runners in the league, and the ground game just isn’t them same without him.

All I have to say for the coming season is, get your Skittles ready.

 3. Earl Thomas – FS

If there is going to be an heir to the throne that will be vacated when Troy Polamalu and Ed Reed retire, I believe Earl Thomas is well on his way to seize that position as the best Safety in the game.

His speed and power on the back-end is unmatched.

Those who have seen him play regularly marvel at just how quickly he gets to the ball, and how hard he hits when he gets there.  That combination is rare, and the Seahawks know they have a great one on their hands.

4. Doug Baldwin – WR

Again, this may not be the flashiest pick, but man do I love it when a guy goes undrafted like Doug Baldwin did before last season. He came in and took over, becoming the team’s leading receiver with 51 receptions, 788 yards, and 4 touchdowns.

Doug Baldwin, Seattle Seahawks

Doug Baldwin will be a big factor in the Seahawks 2012 campaign

This guy had to earn it, and the rest of the team responds to that.

The Seahawks’ WR group doesn’t necessarily have the consistency they would like to have with their top guys, so Baldwin’s play last season really helped make the passing game viable.

He was a huge surprise in his breakout season last year, and looks to be even better with a full offseason under his belt.

 5. Richard Sherman – CB

There are many other players on the defense I could pick, but some of them haven’t reported to camp yet (you know who you are!), but as the season wore on last year, Richard Sherman’s skills just got better and better.

He had 4 interceptions in his rookie season, and was selected to the PFW All-Rookie Team.

But, what we really love about him is that “swagger” I spoke about earlier.

Who wouldn’t get confidence from a guy who called standout rookie A.J. Green of the Cincinnati Bengals “overrated” last year, and welcomed newly drafted Arizona Cardinals Receiver Michael Floyd by stating, “I’m going to wear him out again.”

He even tweeted that Peyton Manning would have “at least 2 tough days a season” if he signed with the division rival 49ers.

I admit it, I love a trash-talker, and even more so, one who can back up his words with his play.


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